Top 7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Vacationing

Stay in shape while on vacation

Who doesn’t love to go on vacation? There is something about getting away from your normal surroundings that soothes the soul. Is it just me or when we go on vacation do we tend to leave our diets and exercise habits at home? This makes for a more stress free vacation, but we all know that feeling of seeing the scale jump up a few pounds after returning home.  Here are 7 great tips to stay in shape while on your Sandbridge vacation! READ MORE

Winnie’s Vacation: Memory Monday July 10, 2017.

Good Monday morning to you from Sandbridge Beach where it is beautiful today and has been for the last few weeks.  As long as you consider hot, sunny weather and a cool ocean to dip into beautiful then this is the place for you.   Speaking of hot and a cool dip we introduce you today to Winnie.

Winnie took a vacation recently to Sandbridge and took a cool dip in the water on a hot day.  We understand from Winnie’s master, Karen Dunkum of Dilwyn, Virginia, that this was her first visit to the beach, and she thoroughly enjoyed her time with us at Sandbridge Blue.

We are of course a very dog friendly vacation rental firm with more than 10 percent of our properties allowing dogs to stay with you at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Thanks for reminding us of that Winnie!

She looks like she is enjoying the water.  Thank you Karen for sharing your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you and your whole family again in the near future.

All the best from the beach!


5 Things to Double Check Before Leaving on Vacation – Updated

Leaving on Vacation
There is nothing more exciting than the week before you go on a vacation. You begin to think about all the fun you will have and how relaxing it will be to get away for a whole week. What people don’t always expect is how stressful it can be to make sure you have everything taken care of in preparation for the trip. It’s easy to forget things when you’re scrambling around the day before you leave to make sure everything is good to go. Here are 5 things to double check before leaving on vacation.

Double Check Your Car

Few things are as scary as having car trouble when you’re on a road trip. Trying to fix mechanical problems on the side of a busy interstate or a deserted back road is enough to put a serious damper on your fun. Before you leave, check (or have a professional check) your brakes, oil, fluids and tires to be sure there aren’t any problems waiting to happen. A check up with a professional mechanic will be sure to ease road trip worries. It’s also a good idea to look into AAA if you don’t already happen. Even if your car checks out fine that doesn’t mean you can’t get a flat tire on the trip. You will thank yourself later when you don’t have to unpack the entire trunk to get to the spare tire and jack on the side of the road.

Don’t Let You Mail Pile Up

Burglars often check mailboxes in an effort to determine if a house is empty. Those with days’ worth of mail piled up give a clear signal that the homeowner is away. Before you leave, make arrangements with the post office to hold your mail or ask a neighbor to pick it up daily. This will also prevent scammers from going through your mail and gaining access to potential sensitive information.

Safeguard Your House

When you’re going on vacation, it is wise to safeguard your house before you leave. Unplug counter top appliances and television sets, so they don’t become victims of lightning while you’re gone. Turn off the water to your washing machine to prevent flooding and lock the gate to your pool (if you have one), so no animals or children are accidentally harmed. You may want to set your thermostat accordingly to the time of year you are leaving. It is recommended in the summer to keep your thermostat around 75 degrees and your heat at around 55 in the winter in order to maintain your home and keep the electricity bill down that week you will be away.

Make Arrangement for Your Pets READ MORE

Top 4 Beach Activities in the Winter

winter beach activities
Typically when most think of going to the beach in Sandbridge they usually think of summer vacation, but there are many who prefer going to the beach in the off-season.  The off-season is less crowded and more peaceful.  But even those who come in the off-season usually only consider the fall or spring.

Did you know Sandbridge Beach can be just as enjoyable in the winter?  Here are the best winter activities on the beach that prove it.

#1 Walks on the Beach With Your Loved Ones

Winter is without a doubt the most romantic time of the year. It includes spoiling your loved one with gifts at Christmas, sharing a New Year’s kiss, and spending Valentine’s Day head over heels for each other. Add a walk on the beach with your significant other and you have yourself the perfect winter. There’s something about the cold weather and the sound of the ocean that brings people closer together.

#2 Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting is a beach activity favored by most beach goers. The winter is the perfect time of year to find rare sea glass, seashells, and buried treasure in Sandbridge. The beaches are fairly empty December through February so there’s not a lot of competition. You won’t have to worry about another hunter crowding you or constantly picking through the beach before you arrive. Have you ever thought to take a metal detector on the beach? You would be shocked by the valuable antiques you can find! Whether you’re alone looking for a peaceful activity to clear your mind or with the family looking for something fun and exciting to do, treasure hunting will be sure to do the trick.

#3 Surfing

If you are someone that loves the thrill of a new action sport or just someone that loves surfing already than winter is the perfect time to go surfing in Sandbridge. Although the East Coast gets good surf throughout the year, it goes without saying that fall and winter get the best waves. Spring and summer often have flat, weak, and sporadic waves. Fall and winter is when you’ll find the best waves on our coast. With all the nor’easters and hurricanes the surfing conditions are just right for those perfect spitting barrels. Surfing in the winter is very peaceful.  You’ll have time to yourself on the water and you won’t have to fight large crowds to catch a wave you’ve been eyeing. Since there aren’t any large crowds winter is the perfect time to start learning how to surf.

If you decide to paddle out this winter just remember to grab your wetsuit! The water gets very cold, as low as 37 degrees. A 4/3 is recommended along with a hood, boots, and gloves.

#4 Relax At Your Vacation Rental

Since winter is the perfect time to cuddle up next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, wouldn’t a beautiful ocean view make these moments ten times better? The winter has amazing deals on vacation rentals. There are times where a property that costs $13,500 a week drops to as little as $3,000!  When you stay in your ocean front rental the perfect day is created by breathtaking scenery combined with your activities with your loved ones. Play games with the family, watch movies, cook dinner, or enjoy the company of your loved ones with the blissful sound of the waves crashing onto the shore.

Next time you get the strange urge to go to Sandbridge Beach in the winter remember there are plenty of fun winter beach activities to keep your summer memories alive all year round.

Top 10 Things To Love About Sandbridge Beach

Top 10 Things To Love About Sandbridge Beach, VA

If you are looking for the perfect destination for your next family vacation, move Sandbridge Beach to the top of your list. With quiet beaches, friendly hospitality and adventure around every turn, Sandbridge will soon become a family favorite for these 10 reasons and more!

=&0=& — Sandbridge Beach prides itself on being a secluded community your family can enjoy without fighting for a tiny patch of sun-warmed sand. If you love the beach but hate tourist traps and crowds, Sandbridge offers plenty of opportunity for you to swim, fish, surf, shop, and relax without feeling boxed in. With more than five miles of beautiful beaches, you will be sure to find a place you can truly stretch out.

=&1=& — Sandbridge’s quiet community provides plenty of opportunities for everyone in your family to enjoy beautiful beaches, explore nature, and get away from the hustle and bustle of resort locations. Children will enjoy building sand castles on the beach or playing at Little Island Park, while teens and adults may want to try a new watersport activity such as paddleboarding, kayaking or parasailing. There are also plenty of activities the whole family can enjoy together — taking a dolphin tour, exploring Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, or planning a day of fishing at Little Island Pier.

=&2=& — Sandbridge Beach offers all the glorious beaches, luxurious accommodations, and entertainment options of bigger and busier beaches, without all the bustle of tourism traffic you would expect in other Outer Banks destinations. Make our community your home base for your next seaside adventure, and enjoy the fun of the beach and surrounding areas as well as the relaxing feel of a less crowded, more secluded vacation spot.

=&3=& — You may feel that you are miles from the hubbub of the city but, in reality, you are only a short drive from many popular destinations. The famous Virginia Beach boardwalk, numerous golf courses, and lots of shops and restaurants are within an easy drive.

=&4=& — Even though the community is small, there is no sacrifice of service or quality. Enjoy a sophisticated dinner at a local restaurant or fall asleep to the lull of waves on the shore in your cozy rental accommodations. Unique shops and boutiques provide a chance to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. If you want additional shopping opportunities, you will find a wide variety of options at Red Mill Commons, just a few minutes from Sandbridge Beach.

=&5=& — Have you always wanted to try surfing, or galloping down the beach on horseback? Maybe you wonder how raw clams taste or want to catch your own dinner of fresh fish. At Sandbridge Beach, you can make those dreams a reality. Sign up for lessons in your activity of choice with one of the many expert local providers, or bring your own surfboard and catch a few waves with friends. If fishing is your sport, try your hand from the beach or take a guided fishing tour where you can reel in dinner for the whole family. (Check out Virginia fishing license information)

=&6=& — Maybe the only “adventure” you want is to take a slow barefoot stroll down the beach. If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. We want you to feel as if you have escaped to a secret paradise where you can find your favorite beachside nook and enjoy the “sea”nery.

=&7=& — Gorgeous seaside sunrises and sunsets are a way of life here on Sandbridge Beach, and you will continually be awestruck at the beauty of nature everywhere you turn. Whether admiring the towering sand dunes or lush wooded golf courses, the nature lover in you will breathe easier along Sandbridge Beach. For those seeking even more wild beauty, the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park provide great kayaking, bird watching, hiking and fishing.


Go Coastal for Your Next Family Reunion at Sandbridge Beach

Family reunions are a time for having fun and building great memories, so it only makes sense that the venue plays a major role in the success of your get-together. Large cities can be noisy and crowded; mountains and campgrounds may not suit all comfort levels among your loved ones, and generic suburbs simply lack that “wow” factor.

A reunion on the coast, however, offers an ideal combination of relaxation and recreation for all family members. Among coastal towns, few can compare with the beauty and accessibility of Sandbridge Beach, Virginia.

Location, Location, Location

As part of the Virginia Beach area, Sandbridge Beach is convenient to several metro regions, including New York City, St. Louis, Washington DC, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia – an ideal hub to attract far-flung family members. With the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop,

Sandbridge Beach isn’t just a location… it’s a destination that allows you close proximity to Virginia Beach without the traffic or noise.

A Great Way to Stay READ MORE

5 Things to Double-Check Before Leaving on Vacation

The week before vacation can be quite frantic. Trying to get projects
wrapped up at work, staying ahead of the laundry so you have clothes to wear now and clothes to pack, and
keeping an emotional cap on your kids (and yourself) are just a few of your chores. There is little wonder
that these five things often get overlooked by people rushing out the door for a fun-filled vacation at Sandbridge Beach.=&0=&
– Few things are as scary as having car trouble when you’re on a road trip. Trying to fix mechanical
problems on the side of a busy interstate or a deserted back road is enough to put a serious damper on your
fun. Before you leave, check (or have a professional check) your brakes, oil, fluids and tires to be sure
there aren’t any problems waiting to happen.=&1=&– Burglars often
check mailboxes in an effort to determine if a house is empty. Those with days’ worth of mail piled up give
a clear signal that the homeowner is away. Before you leave, make arrangements with the post office to hold
your mail or ask a neighbor to pick it up daily.=&2=&– When you’re
going on vacation, it is wise to safeguard your house before you leave. Unplug countertop appliances and
television sets, so they don’t become victims of lightning while you’re gone. Turn off the water to your
washing machine to prevent flooding and lock the gate to your pool (if you have one), so no animals or
children are accidentally harmed. =&3=&– If you aren’t
bringing your pets with you to Sandbridge, make arrangements with a friend or kennel. Be sure that your
pets’ shots are up to date and that whoever is keeping them has any medicine or special food they need. =&4=&– Make a list of any medications you or your family members are on and get refills if need be. By
taking a little bit of time to double-check these five things, you’ll have a safer and more relaxing visit
to the Sandbridge Beach.

Planning a Sandbridge Beach Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you’ve ever worked with travel agents, you’re aware
that they have a standard list of questions they ask before beginning. Once they have the answers, they use
the information to come up with a fabulous adventure for you and your family. You can easily do the same.

Who’s Going on Vacation?

Just you and your honey? Mom, Dad and a couple
of small children? Older folks? From a solo trip to a grand family reunion, knowing how many people and who
they are will alter every other part of the planning process.If your getaway
includes anyone other than your immediate family, start a list that includes the person’s name and any
special needs he or she may have. For instance, if Grandma is coming along and she uses a wheelchair, you’ll
need to make arrangements with the airline and be sure to book a rental home that is handicap-accessible.

What’s Your Budget?

As much as we’d love to say, “Money is no object,”
when it comes to our vacations, most people can’t. Getting a firm grasp on how much you can comfortably
spend is a vital first step. Without understanding what’s within your budget, you won’t be able to get too
far into the planning process.

When Are You Traveling?

If you
want to be in Sandbridge Beach during popular dates, book ahead and plan to pay more. Festivals, July 4th,
Memorial Day and Labor Day all draw big crowds and can cause rental car, food and other prices to increase.
If you have a special occasion that requires you to travel on specific dates (birthday, anniversary,
wedding), you’ll also want to start your search for accommodations early to ensure you get what you want.If you can, be flexible with your dates. Whether it’s rental cars or lodging, being in a
position to take what’s available can oftentimes save you a good deal of money.

the Drive

Don’t forget to plan things to do during the drive.
has wonderful tips for moms and dads who are traveling with kids that list several creative ideas to occupy
children.Keep a bag at the ready that contains wipes, napkins, medicine and any
other vitals you might need. Also pack a cooler with drinks and snacks. If you’re traveling a long distance,
schedule a stop at a rest area so everyone can stretch their legs and enjoy a picnic lunch. You can search
online for a list of rest stops by entering the state you’ll be traveling through, plus the interstate and
the phrase “rest areas.”

Where Will You Stay? READ MORE

Hot Summer Items for 2014!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and its time to make your vacation plans if you haven’t
already.   Sandbridge
 has some availability on select properties over the next few weeks, some with special promotional
When you come to the Sandbridge you
need the latest and greatest beach gear and we here at “Everything Sandbridge” have done a bit of research
for you so you can save some prep time for your vacation.Here’s our version of the
top 10 “HOT” items for this coming summer!#1  Rockin’ Rollin’

Rockin Rollin Stereo Cooler

is a “cool” collapsible cooler with built in speakers, and wheels!  I-pod ready.  Priced
  $69.95 from  Convertible Cooler

Cooler with a table

This caught
our eye because not only does it have a full cooler for food, but it also has a table that folds out for
little ones to have a clean spot to eat.   $61.59 available at  Wonder Wheeler

Beach Cart

The “Wonder Wheeler”
beach cart is for the person that can’t quite get everything they need to the beach.  This huge
cart is large enough to hold a 48 quart cooler.  $69.90 available at  Banger

Polarized mirror glasses

of being recognized at the beach?  Want to fall asleep without anyone knowing you have your eyes
closed?   Try these mirror finished polarized glasses.  You can see out, but no one can
see in.   $79.99 available at  Bottle opener Sunglasses

Brewsees Sunglasses

I think we’ve seen it all now.
  These are sunglasses that double as bottle openers.   $29.00 available at  Solar
I-phone charger

Never wear your battery down

an important call at the beach, but your battery is low?  Never fear get your solar i-phone charger
here.  Starting at $21.95 available at READ MORE

A Touchable Wild Horse!We have seen a lot of photos here on Memory Monday
over the past, but we have to say this picture is one of the grandest sand are photos we have ever seen.
  In fact, we would nominate this picture as one of the best sand sculptures of all time!We don’t know about you, but we have declared that Winter is over, Spring is here, and we are ready for
Summer!!!!   This picture gets us in the mood for summer.This week’s Memory
Monday photo submission comes from Steven Cumor of Sparks, Maryland who stayed with us last August.As he said in his e-mail…..”Here’s a wild pony that you can approach within 50 feet!”

Easy Horsey!

Thanks Steven for your Monday Monday
photo submission this one is an all time great!All the best from the beach!By Tim Cafferty, President,
Sandbridge Blue Realty Services