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Top 7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Vacationing

Stay in shape while on vacation

Who doesn't love to go on vacation? There issomething about getting away from your normal surroundings that soothes thesoul. Is it just me or when we go on vacation do we tend to leave our diets andexercise habits at home? This makes for a more stress free vacation, but we allknow that feeling of seeing the scale jump up a few pounds after returninghome.  Here are 7 great tips to stay in shape while on your Sandbridgevacation!

#1. Take a Hike

Whether you enjoy a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk that getsyour heart pumping, Sandbridge Beach has plenty of beautiful nature trails.Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is an 8,000-acre refuge bordering the oceanand Back Bay. While you may hike at home, here you'll get the added bonus ofgorgeous views, including sand dunes, forests, marshes, beaches, and ponds.

Adjacent to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is False Cape State Park. This stunning barrier island has more than nine miles of hiking trails and six miles of beaches. Take your swimsuit; there's nothing better than a dip in the ocean after a long walk.

#2. Rent a Bike

Rent a Bike Riding a bike may seem simple and not compare to your usual work out regiment, but it has actually provided all of us great exercise since we were kids. Several outfitters rent bikes in Sandbridge Beach. Ocean Rentals offers beach cruisers, fat-tire bikes, and mountain bikes. Beach cruisers are an ideal way to take in miles of shoreline while working your quads.

#3. Go for a Jog

There is nothing more motivating than seeing the sunrise over the ocean while hearing the peaceful sound of the waves slapping the shore. Instead of sitting on the deck of your vacation rental watching the sunrise take this opportunity to go for a peaceful morning jog on the beach. Jogging the Sandpiper and Sandfiddler loops that border the beach lets you log some miles while enjoying the scenery. This loop covers seven miles of flat, scenic, oceanside terrain. Start at the top of Sandbridge Road where it meets Sandfiddler Road, head south, and turn around when you get to Little Island Park.

#4. Hit the Beach

Whether you're looking forward to a little solitary sunrise yogaor an enthusiastic game of beach volleyball, the shore is the perfect place forfitness fun. For an alternative to Frisbee, locals bring a bucket of golf ballsto the beach and create a version of the classic ski ball board in the sand.Dig five circles increasing in size from golf ball to grapefruit, stand back 10feet, roll your golf ball and try to hit one of the holes. This combination ofcornhole, ski ball, and golf is pleasurable exercise — you'll log plenty ofsteps chasing errant balls.

#5. Learn to Surf

Surfing is not only an amazing full body work out, but it's also a lot of fun. If you don't know how to surf there are plenty of training camps in Virginia Beach. This may be the perfect time for you to learn! The best part of surfing is that it requires total concentration. By the time you've finished practicing, you'll be relaxed and will feel great. Pick up your board from Ocean Rentals and they'll recommend a size and shape for your level of experience.

#6. Paddleboard

Paddle boarding is a great upper body work out. You are constantly engaging your upper body while getting to enjoy the peacefulness of being out on the ocean relaxing. Standup paddleboarding is a clever alternative to surfing. Using a large, buoyant surfboard and a long paddle, you will make your way through the waves while standing or kneeling on the board. When you're ready to catch a wave, just turn around and take your paddle out of the water. For an easy, peaceful experience, go past the breakers and travel parallel to the shore.

#7. Portion Sizes

This last tip is more of helpful advice rather thanan exercise. There is no shame in indulging with a delicious pizza or a nicebowl of ice cream, just remember to know your limits. Often we love the tasteof something so much that we will continue to eat past the point of being full.You'd be surprised how much food you actually need to get full (and it's notnear as much as you think). Next time you indulge on vacation remember that youcan save some for later and have two delicious meals rather than one. Your bodywill thank you later.

Whether you're taking a quiet solo stroll through a naturepreserve or trying a spirited group fitness class at the community center,Sandbridge Beach has exciting ways to stay fit on vacation. Pack your tennisshoes and workout gear and you'll likely experience new adventures ... and gohome in better shape than when you left.

Remember this list next time you plan yourSandbridge vacation. It may be the difference between feeling bad aboutyourself after returning home or smiling at the number that you see on thescale!

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