Sandbridge Blue Frequently Asked Questions

No. All properties with Sandbridge Blue do not permit smoking of any kind inside or on the premises. This includes cigarettes, cigars, pipes, marijuana, and vaping. When renting any property with Sandbridge Blue it is with the understanding that smoking is not allowed at the property. If there are signs of smoking inside the property there will be a $500 fee charged to cover the extensive cost of restoring the property to a smoke-free condition.

At Sandbridge Blue, our guests can gain access to the properties between the hours of 4 and 6pm on day of arrival. At this time your keyless entry code will activate to allow access into the property. Please do not attempt to check-in with your keyless entry code prior to check-in, as it can cause problems with the keyless entry lock.

Early Check-In is full access to the property earlier than the normal 4 PM check-in. A fee is associated with this service and applies whether or not the reservation group arrives by the designated access time. Services such as house maintenance and/or pool and spa cleaning may not be completed prior to arrival.

Early Check-In may not be available. Check with reservations for availability.

Sandbridge Blue provides 1 bath towel & washcloth per advertised occupant in the home, 2 hand towels per bathroom, and a kitchen towel for a small service fee added to every reservation. We use a laundering company that handles our laundry services, and your laundry is packaged until it is opened and your beds are made just for you prior to your check-in.

We ask that you bring your beach towels. Our bath towels are not permitted to be used for the pool or beach.

We also like to remind those bringing their dogs, to bring that special towel your dog loves from home as well.

Upon making a reservation, we require that you sign a lease. This rental agreement lists the contact information for the home. The address can also be found on the individual page for the home by viewing the Google map. We will send this important information to you as part of your “Check in my mail/email, check out and sail” program as well. If you would like, you may contact our office for this information.  

Local Calls: There is no charge for local calls. It is not necessary to dial the (757) area code. Long Distance Calls: All homes (unless otherwise advertised) have a long distance block. Options for placing long distance calls include calling cards, pre-paid phone cards and collect calls.

  • Central Heating and Air
  • Blender
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Bed & Bath Linens
    (Each bed is made with the linens provided at NO EXTRA COST. We provide 1 Bath towel & Wash cloth per advertised occupant, 2 hand towels per bathroom, kitchen towels & hot pads)
  • Pots/Pans, dishes and cooking essentials
  • Cable Television & Telephone

***No firearms or fireworks are allowed on the premises.***

The leasholder is financially responsible for damage done to the property beyond normal wear and tear. Sandbridge Blue reserves the right to run a credit card authorization to cover any damages to the property. You will be notified of any excessive cleaning charges or damages made and the amount that will be charged to your credit card IF necessary.

No, they must be taken in daily. Please remove your personal & rental items each day from the beach, not to be left over night. Sandbridge Blue is not responsible for any personal or rental items left on the beach over night. Sandbridge Beach is enforcing a new policy in 2013 to permanently remove items left on the beach overnight, not to be recovered..

Driving on the beach is not permitted by Virginia Beach City Ordinances.

Bonfires on the beach is not permitted by Virginia Beach City Ordinances.

Our friendly Reservations agents are available 24/7 at 877-498-1769, or Click here to have us call you. We would be delighted to answer any questions that you may have to help you pick the perfect Sandbridge vacation rental for your family's vacation. You can also make a reservation online. Feel free to chat with us daily as well via web chat. We look forward to speaking with you!

Hot tubs are open year-round.

Private Pools are open from May 3, 2024 until October 13, 2024 and May 2, 2025 until October 12, 2025. Some properties may have an extended pool season. See the property description for details.

Properties with the amenity "Heated Pool" can have pool heat, for a fee of $300 plus tax. Properties that do not advertise heated pools do not offer pool heat at any time. Pool temperatures vary and degree of warmth cannot be guaranteed.

Occasionally, some pools may experience a mild ground current. Generally, this is not caused by a pool defect or the household electrical system, but appears as a result of the earth’s own natural electrical current. Certain properties may be affected more than others and the current tends to be intermittent in nature. Please be advised, however, that this may affect the operation of pacemakers and other similar devices.

Gas fireplaces are shut down from May 15 until September 15.

Sandbridge Blue provides an informative layout of each level of the home. The description includes the number of bedrooms, and the types of bedding in each bedroom, and this begins with Top Level and goes down in description to the Ground level.

Sandbridge Blue provides keyless entry into our homes using a keyless entry lock system. The codes are generated specifically for the guest, the particular home and week of vacation. This code activates at 4pm (standard) on day of arrival and 10am on day of departure.

Campers, RVs and Mobile Units are not permitted in any community and may not be parked at the home.

*Dogs are welcome in dog-friendly homes at no additional cost*

Sandbridge Blue knows how special it is to bring your “best friend” or “extended family” with you on vacation! We have specific “Dog Friendly” properties that are labeled as this on the page for the property under amenities. Properties allowing dogs have a limit of two domestic, housebroken dogs with a weight limit of 75 pounds each, unless otherwise noted within the property's description. 

Please remember to bring your own doggy beach towels!

Dogs in non-dog properties are strictly forbidden and will result in your eviction. Cats are not allowed in any of our rental properties. Cats are strictly forbidden and will result in your eviction. Sorry, birds or other exotic animals are not permitted in Sandbridge Blue rental properties.


Service Animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), includes animals that have been trained to perform specific tasks for individuals with a disability. These tasks are typically assisting those with hearing or sight impairment, assisting an individual who suffers from seizures, and assist those who suffer from Post-Traumatic disorders. Service animals are allowed in any of Sandbridge Blue’s properties, but we ask that the leaseholder makes us aware that a service animal will be present prior to check-in.
Emotional Support Animals (ESA), also known as a “comfort animal,” is a dog that belongs to a person who is emotionally or psychologically (psychiatrically) disabled. The person’s doctor (a licensed mental health professional) has determined that the presence of the animal is necessary for the person’s mental health and that they are considered disabled as a result. The licensed mental health professional must provide Sandbridge Blue a letter of prescription stating the dog is necessary for the normal day to day functioning of the disabled person.
Emotional Support Animals are allowed in any of Sandbridge Blue’s properties, but we ask that the leaseholder makes us aware that an emotional support animal will be present prior to check-in.
Therapy Animal (usually a dog) has been obedience trained and screened for its ability to interact favorably with humans and other animals. The primary purpose of a Therapy Animal is to provide affection and comfort to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with learning difficulties. Although Therapy Animals provide a very important therapeutic service, they are NOT considered “service animals” and they and their handlers have no protections under federal law (ADA, the Fair Housing Act, Air Carrier Access Act, etc.).
Companion Animal (usually a dog) describes an animal that provides only companionship as a pet, rather than performing useful or necessary tasks. They are NOT considered “service animals” and they and their handlers have no protections under federal law (ADA, the Fair Housing Act, Air Carrier Access Act, etc.).
Those with Therapy Animals or Companion Animals are not allowed in non-pet friendly properties. If the animal is a dog we do have a large selection of dog-friendly properties to choose from.

Sandbridge Blue has dedicated cleaning crews to clean each vacation home after each guests departure. We want you to leave as relaxed as the day you checked into the home you selected. We send the laundry off to a laundering company and there is no need to wash the bed or bath linens, nor remove the bed linens from the beds.

Remove all food from the refrigerator and leave the temperature setting at medium. Place all trash in exterior cans. Load and unload the dishwashers. Close and lock all windows and doors. Set thermostat to 75 degrees for AC or 55 degrees for heat. Tidy up outside including the decks, yard and pool area, if applicable. Keyless entry homes do not need to come to our office for check-out, but entry codes will expire at 10:00 am.

Sandbridge Blue will be happy to mail this item to you, at the cost of the postage and this can be paid over the phone with a credit card. Sandbridge Blue will not be responsible for any items left in a home. We will attempt to locate items reported as left behind and, if found, it will be mailed to you. Items that are found but not claimed within 30 days will be donated to a local charity.

For medical facilities close to Sandbridge beach Click Here!

For grocery stores and produce stands close to Sandbridge Beach Click Here!

Norfolk International Airport 2200 Norview Ave Norfolk VA 23518 757-857-3265

Newport News Williamsburg International Airport 900 Bland Blvd Newport News, VA 757-877-0221

For golf courses close to Sandbridge Beach Click Here!

The following locations have internet access available:

Panera Bread in the Red Mill Commons shopping center 2137 Upton Drive Virginia Beach, VA 757-430-9001

McDonald’s restaurant 2097 General Booth Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 757-427-2621

Starbucks inside the Target store at Red Mill Commons 1169 Nimmo Parkway Virginia Beach, VA 757-427-9558

We open our calendars for our properties as individual owners provide rates and availability to us.

We would be delighted to send you a personal email when the property of your choice is open for rentals. This will let you know to call us immediately to reserve your week in this property. Contact one of our Reservations Agents today and get on our waiting list today!

Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis, meaning that when the property is open on the market, it is open to all of the rental market.

Sandbridge Blue properties provide a charcoal or gas grill for our guests to use while occupying the home for their vacation week (see listing for each property to see which is provided). Guests are responsible for cleaning and removing the remnants from around and on the grill after usage. Grills are not permitted to be moved or placed on the wooden decks of the house due to the hazard of fire. These rules also apply to large propane deep fryers. The heat and grease can cause extensive damage to screens, wood & siding on the home as a result of being placed or left too close and of course also present a fire hazard. Grills and fryers should only be used on concrete surfaces away from the house for safety’s sake.

Sandbridge Blue offers optional vacation insurance. If you wish to purchase vacation insurance, you must include payment for the premium along with your signed lease agreement within 24 hours of making your reservation. Travel Insurance is offered on all lease agreements. Insurance includes coverage for medical emergencies and cancellation insurance for a mandatory evacuation. This insurance covers the rental rate and taxes paid for the home you reserve. The total cost is included in your initial balance due, but you may decline the travel insurance coverage. The initial balance due would then be the amount indicated on your lease, less the exact cost of this coverage (also indicated on your lease). We strongly urge you to purchase this coverage to protect your vacation investment, as no refunds will be offered, even in the case of a mandatory evacuation. If you have questions, please contact Red Sky Travel Insurance Guard at 1-866 621 2070. You may read details on their website 24 hours a day- Red Sky Travel Insurance

Sandbridge Blue is not responsible for any cable and/or internet connectivity or speed. Please report this to our office and we will contact the vendor to report the problems..

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