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Go Coastal for Your Next Family Reunion at Sandbridge Beach

Family reunions are a time for having fun and building great memories, so it only makes sense that the venue plays a major role in the success of your get-together. Large cities can be noisy and crowded; mountains and campgrounds may not suit all comfort levels among your loved ones, and generic suburbs simply lack that "wow" factor. A reunion on the coast, however, offers an ideal combination of relaxation and recreation for all family members. Among coastal towns, few can compare with the beauty and accessibility of Sandbridge Beach, Virginia.

Location, Location, Location

As part of the Virginia Beach area, Sandbridge Beach is convenient to several metro regions, including New York City, St. Louis, Washington DC, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia - an ideal hub to attract far-flung family members. With the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop, Sandbridge Beach isn't just a location... it's a destination that allows you close proximity to Virginia Beach without the traffic or noise.

A Great Way to Stay

Hotels? They abound in vacation areas, but think about the drawbacks. Hotel rooms are typically limited in space, you must leave to find something to eat (or order from the pricy room service menu), and you're sharing a floor with plenty of strangers, some of whom may be a little louder than you'd like. Consider, instead, the option of a house rental on or near Sandbridge Beach. A rental house offers abundant space for you and your vehicles, flexibility in sleeping arrangements, full kitchens so you can get a bite at any time, and, most importantly, a sense of privacy and propriety that makes it feel as if you have your own property right on the coast. With options like hot tubs, game rooms, Wi-Fi access and private laundry, a beach rental house is the ultimate in convenience and comfort. Plus, rental homes can occupy up to 20 people so there's plenty of room for larger crowds.

Up and at 'Em

"Something for everyone" may as well be the motto on Sandbridge Beach. This four-seasons town features winters that are typically milder than in other inland cities; during the summer, the heat rarely gets extreme. Dress the part on Sandbridge by packing breathable, waterproof layers and comfortable walking/beach shoes - just the ticket for that perfect beachcombing and sightseeing day. And don't forget the sunscreen!

Plenty to Do

Family reunions are all about catching up with those you haven't seen for a while. But you don't want to just sit around while you do visit. Sandbridge Beach has lots to do, including parks, art centers, historic sites, wildlife refuges ... those are just a handful of the attractions in the Sandbridge Beach community. You'll want to draw up an itinerary to make sure you see all you want on the coast. Everything from fishing to whale-watching dots the beaches, and while in town you'll find great dining and sightseeing. The golfers in your family will want to know about Hell's Point, just 3 miles from the beach. Every family reunion is a special event, and you can make yours even more memorable by booking your trip during event and festival season. Whether you're marveling at the light show during the Holiday Lights at the Beach Festival in winter, or rocking out to the American Music Festival in summer, the coastal community always has something extra-special on its plate. The Shamrock Marathon offers a scenic challenge to the runners in your family. If 26.2 miles is a bit lengthy, come to Sandbridge Beach in time for the Crawlin' Crab 5K.

Building an Appetite?

No matter if your family prefers a highly active day or just a relaxing stroll on the boardwalk, eventually, you'll want to settle in for a bite to eat. One of the advantages of renting a beach house is that you can pack a cooler of your favorites ahead of time and simply enjoy an impromptu picnic on the beach. You'll want to get out and about, too. Dining in the Sandbridge Beach area means discovering the local flavors: crab-filled omelets, peeled shrimp and other seafood delights await. The menu doesn't stop at fish and crab. The community offers a great variety of casual and dressier dining, from pizza to Chinese cuisine. Sandbridge Beach nightlife ranges from theater and pubs to concerts and comedy clubs, so your family can party your way. Or, choose to sit on the oceanfront balcony or around the pool and reminisce about days gone by. Sharing funny stories is one of the funniest parts of family reunions. Just be sure to bring your video camera so you can capture all this family history for posterity.
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