About Sandbridge Blue

Sandbridge Blue offers a unique business model offering an inclusive service package for owners and their guests. We offer you a worry-free investment by practicing a partnership arrangement between a competent firm that operates with integrity and provides services for clients that share our philosophy.

We live our mission statement:
“To exceed customer expectations in Rental Management by providing Blue Ribbon customer service.”

Sandbridge Blue has become the trend leader in Sandbridge, with all competitors copying some of our programs to stay afloat in an ever-changing environment. While this is flattering, wouldn’t you want to trust your valuable investment with the leader, rather than the followers? And the problem is that no one offers the same service and attention as Blue because no one has our mission for service…that’s why “service” is in our name. Top-quality service and high occupancy rates make Sandbridge Blue is the best choice. Just a few things that make us different:

We make the beds at no additional charge! No more bins of dirty linens under the house, or dirty bins of clean linens.

Do you know exactly who was the last 100 people to open your front door and why they were in your property? Sandbridge Blue owners do. With our state-of-the-art electronic locks, we can tell you every time your front door has been opened, by whom, and there’s never a concern about “lost” keys. If you have a key entry NO ONE knows who has a key to your house.

Do you receive rental payments when they are made, allowing for cash flow year round, so you can make necessary upgrades and changes from year to year without having to dig deep in your pockets? Yes, Sandbridge Blue can help with this too…with year round rental income coming your way! We disperse up to 50% of each week’s rental proceed in advance of the guest’s arrival so your property’s cash flow is spread over the majority of the year to help offset expenses each month. There is one low annual fee for this service.

If you own a high end luxury home that guests pay top price for do you and your guests receive additional services, higher quality linens, and special accommodations that both you and your guests expect? Our top Blue Ribbon properties offer guests and owners alike additional services and amenities at no additional charge to provide an exceptional experience for owners and guests of these premier properties.

We have no other mandatory fees for marketing, website, accounting, maintenance, housekeeping, sign up or renewal….NONE!

There is much, much more! Spring Clean, Carpet Clean, Filter Changes, and Departure Clean after each guest is included in the commission at no additional charge for all properties. We offer many optional in-house services to provide you with the highest quality care and guest satisfaction.

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