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5 Things to Double-Check Before Leaving on Vacation

The week before vacation can be quite frantic. Trying to get projects wrapped up at work, staying ahead of the laundry so you have clothes to wear now and clothes to pack, and keeping an emotional cap on your kids (and yourself) are just a few of your chores. There is little wonder that these five things often get overlooked by people rushing out the door for a fun-filled vacation at Sandbridge Beach.
  1. Car - Few things are as scary as having car trouble when you're on a road trip. Trying to fix mechanical problems on the side of a busy interstate or a deserted back road is enough to put a serious damper on your fun. Before you leave, check (or have a professional check) your brakes, oil, fluids and tires to be sure there aren't any problems waiting to happen.
  2. Mail - Burglars often check mailboxes in an effort to determine if a house is empty. Those with days' worth of mail piled up give a clear signal that the homeowner is away. Before you leave, make arrangements with the post office to hold your mail or ask a neighbor to pick it up daily.
  3. House - When you're going on vacation, it is wise to safeguard your house before you leave. Unplug countertop appliances and television sets, so they don't become victims of lightning while you're gone. Turn off the water to your washing machine to prevent flooding and lock the gate to your pool (if you have one), so no animals or children are accidentally harmed. 
  4. Pets - If you aren't bringing your pets with you to Sandbridge, make arrangements with a friend or kennel. Be sure that your pets' shots are up to date and that whoever is keeping them has any medicine or special food they need. 
  5. Meds - Make a list of any medications you or your family members are on and get refills if need be. 
By taking a little bit of time to double-check these five things, you'll have a safer and more relaxing visit to the Sandbridge Beach.

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