Posted by Tim Cafferty

Merpeople - Memory Monday 10/19/2020

Good day from Sandbridge Blue and the beaches of Sandbridge. It is a gorgeous Monday morning here in Sandbridge. A great day to be at the beach. Maybe a day you could find some Merpeople hanging out.


If you look up Merpeople on the internet the word "Merfolk" also shows up. We like the idea of human like sea creatures being plain folks just like us. It is rare to catch a sighting of these mythical sea dwellers, but this week's Memory Monday did just that.

Special thanks goes to Jacki Vitiello of Henrico, Virginia who stayed with Sandbridge Blue recently at the vacation rental property "RVAcation." She was able to capture these cute merpeople just outside of their natural habitat.

The definition of Cute

We thank Jacki for sending along this adorable picture of her merfolks. We look forward so serving Jacki and her family again soon here at the Beach!

All the best from the beach!

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