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Sandbridge Seaside Market: From Succulent Seafood to Delicious Homemade Doughnuts

Sandbridge Seaside Market

While Sandbridge Beach is renowned for being a peaceful, secluded costal paradise, that doesn't mean there are no local conveniences.

Craving prime cuts of juicy steak? Hankering for fresh mahi mahi to grill for dinner? Wishing for homemade donuts for breakfast or snacks? Forgot your toothbrush or tissues?

No matter what you crave, there is no need to tackle the crowds and traffic just to pick up a few gourmet groceries. Simply visit Sandbridge Seaside Market at 209 Sandbridge Road, right across from Sandbridge Beach.

This legendary mom-&-pop market carries a wide range of premium foodstuffs and everyday needs, all offered at reasonable prices, in a spacious, welcoming setting.

A Fully Stocked Grocery, Deli, and Butcher Shop

Planning a scrumptious surf-&-turf supper? Need to make a quickie beer run? Hoping to grab lunch on the go (without settling for fast food)?

You've come to the right place. At Sandbridge Seaside Market you can find:

  • All sorts of freshly caught fish, from trout to flounder to catfish
  • Succulent seafood specialties such as shrimp, scallops, and mussels
  • Juicy Grade-A meats, including tender steak, pork, chicken, premium ground beef, and more
  • Choice gourmet cheeses and cold cuts
  • All your favorite fresh fruits and veggies in an extensive produce section
  • Popular beers and wines - a large, varied selection
  • Ice-cold beverages galore, from milk to juices to soft drinks
  • Gourmet grab-&-go sandwiches, select sides, and desserts, freshly prepared and packaged every single day
  • All the fixin's and trimmin's, from zesty spices, dips, and condiments to homemade slaws and salads

All This Plus Scrumptious Hot Meals, Made from Scratch Every Day

Sandbridge Seaside Market is so much more than just a grocery store. It's also a takeout eatery, offering delicious daily specials like savory beef stroganoff, spicy pork BBQ, and crispy, hand-breaded fried chicken... along with homemade sides like Mexican rice, potato casserole, seasoned veggies, and apple fritters.

You can also get made-to-order subs and hot dogs, a huge favorite with local children. And you can top it all off with made-from-scratch pie or pastry.

Natives and visitors alike rave over these hot homecooked meals. Try them for yourself and see why.

Come Early for the Market's Made-from-Scratch Donuts (a Local Legend)

Every morning, bright and early, the friendly folks at Sandbridge Market make a fresh batch of their famous "big-as-your-head" donuts.

Visit early (they go fast!), grab a dozen or so, order some freshly brewed coffee... then enjoy a delectable donut feast on beautiful Sandbridge Beach.

You're truly in for a treat. As one Massachusetts visitor put it, these huge, heavenly donuts are "the best in America - no, the world!"

Favorite varieties include:

  • Chocolate-glazed - delectably fluffy and covered with rich, gooey chocolate
  • Croissant - a flaky, fabulous cross between a croissant and a donut (some people call them "cronuts")
  • Boston Cream - giant chocolate-glazed delights chockfull of delicious creme
  • Lemon-Filled - "almost a religious experience," according to one Yelp review
  • Old-Fashioned - a classic cake donut with a hearty, satisfying crunch
  • Cinnamon - a bit like your favorite coffee cake, only bigger, richer, and tastier

Other homemade specialties include luscious cinnamon rolls and hot-from-the-oven breads, all freshly baked every day.

Some tourists drive from many miles away to savor these scrumptious confections. And locals gather every morning to make sure they get their "daily dozen."

Perfect One-Stop Shop for All the Essentials You Need

You'll find more than just groceries, dinners, and donuts at Sandbridge Seaside Market. Shop here for everything from toothpaste to toiletries, Kleenex to cutlery, bug spray to batteries, soap to shampoo and much more.

Then There's Sandpiper Beach Shop (2509 Sandpiper Road)

Sandbridge Market may have just about everything, but it's not your only seaside option. Nearby Sandpiper Beach Shop furnishes a huge selection of higher quality beach gear - everything from surf boards to souvenirs, bracelets to beach balls, wind chimes to suncatchers, totes, toys, T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more. It's a great place to find beach-themed gifts for all your friends and family back home.

Peace & Quiet Plus Unparalleled Convenience - The Perfect Vacation Combo

Let's face it. You come to Sandbridge Beach, VA, to revel in seaside serenity... far away from the hustle-bustle of congested "tourist-trap" areas.

But at the same time, you do need easy access to food, first aid, and so on.

That's why you'll be glad to know that Sandbridge Seaside Market is here for you daily all year 'round... along with the Sandpiper Shop plus an array of fine local restaurants.

What are you waiting for? Gather your family, pack up the car, and head over to Sandbridge Beach. From sparkling surf and dazzling white sand to savory seafood and the donuts of your dreams... we have everything you could ask for!

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