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Blue Moon - Memory Monday 10/26/2020

Good morning from Sandbridge. Hard to believe that it is the last Monday in October with this coming Saturday being Halloween. Did you know that this Saturday will also be a rare "Blue Moon?" It is true.

Once in a Blue Moon.

To do something once in a blue moon is meant to say that it happens very rarely. Do you know what a Blue Moon is? It is the fact that one month will contain two full moons. People who study these things tell us that it happens on average about once every 32 months. That is a rare occassion!

This week's Memory Monday photo submission is not of a Blue Moon, but it is of a recent full moon. Special thanks goes out today to Jessica Kohout of Williamson, New York. Jessica stayed with Sandbridge Blue last month in the property "Sandy Pants," and provided us this great picture of a full moon rise over the ocean.

blue moon
Moonrise over Sandbridge

We hope everyone enjoys this week's Blue moon, and has a great Halloween.

Thank Jessica for this great photo. All of us here at Sandbridge Blue look forward to serving Jessica and her family again soon.

Keep in mind each Monday we post a photo provided to us by one of our guests. We call this feature Memory Monday, and we not only post the photos here, but each month we randomly choose a winner to have a $100 discount on their next year's rental with Sandbridge Blue.

Your photo could appear here next!

All the best from the beach.

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