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Who are you looking at? Memory Monday 3/14/2022

What a wild weather weekend we just had. Did you have a temperature and weather condition roller coaster on Saturday? We had 68 degree temperatures on Saturday morning, and then we had snow and temperatures in the 20's on Saturday night. What a crazy time. The weather Gods must be saying "Who are you looking at?"

Time for spring.

We are really ready for spring now that Daylight Saving Time started. The sun did not set until after 7 PM last night! That is a key sign that spring is nearby, and summer can't be far behind!

This week's Memory Monday photo submission is a great representation of the phrase "who are you looking at?"

This photo comes to us from Amy Grimm of Berryville, Virginia. She brings us this photo of "Mighty Mouse" who recently enjoyed a trip to the beach and posed for this fantastic photo.

Amy and Mighty Mouse stayed at "Carriage House II," and we are so glad they sent this adorable photo in for us to use here on Everything Sandbridge.

who are you looking at
Let's go back to the house!

What an adorable face. Can you see why we said "who are you looking at?" We just love this photo and we thank Amy and Mighty Mouse for sending it in for us to enjoy here on Memory Monday.

Amy and Mighty Mouse we look forward to serving you again soon. Come back and see us soon!

All the best from the beach!

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