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A Perfect Day at Sandbridge Beach, VA

perfect day in Sandbridge

There's a lot more to Sandbridge Beach than sun, sand, andserenity. This magical coastal retreat offers countless cool things to do includinghiking and biking, birding and boating, fishing and kayaking, oceanfront diningand more.

Here's a wonderful itinerary your family can follow to createa perfect day - or two or three or more - at Sandbridge Beach, VA.

Visit the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

The southern Virginia coast teems with wildlife andwaterfowl, including thousands of migratory birds that stop off to rest, nest,and feed.

For a glimpse of these feathery friends, come to Back BayNational Wildlife Refuge, just south of Sandbridge Beach. Here you can hikeeight scenic trails through maritime fields and forests, over sand dunes andunspoiled beaches, and along grass-fringed freshwater marshes.

Depending on the time of year, you can spot tundra swans, Canada geese, bald eagles, black ducks, snow geese, piping plovers, and more... along with loggerhead turtles and other fascinating critters.

Up for a bit more hiking? Take the East Dike or West DikeTrail to enter False Cape State Park, where you can wander throughuntouched wilderness to reach a six-mile stretch of pristine Atlanticbeachfront. Perfect place for a mid-day picnic!

Try Kayaking on Back Bay

Ready for more outdoor fun? Visit Sandbridge Surf &Adventure Company at 577 Sandbridge Road. Here you can rent and buy assortedboating gear, including kayaks and canoes.

Plus, you can arrange a kayaking tour over beautiful BackBay. No experience is necessary; your tour guide will show you the ropes andmake sure you're safe and sound throughout the entire adventure.

Play at Little Island Park

Rather have sports to play? Just north of the Back BayRefuge, you'll find Little Island Park, 144 scenic acres of shoreside R&R.

Here you can sit back and relax as your children romp andplay at the state-of-the-art playground. Or, if you're up for it, you can tryyour hand at pickleball, basketball, tennis, and/or volleyball.

Feeling the afternoon heat? Take a refreshing dip in thesparkling Atlantic Ocean. The park has two beautiful beaches - a 2,000-footbeach for swimming and a 775-foot beach for surfing.

Enjoy angling? Bring your own poles and tackle to400-foot-long Little Island Pier, next to the beach at the park. For asmall fee - no license required - you can cast your line for gray trout,croaker, bluefish, mackerel, drum, and other saltwater favorites.

Or you can simply stroll along the pier to enjoy the ocean views(and the colorful "people show").

Stop and Shop

No vacation is complete without several cool souvenirs. Buy afew beach-themed T-shirts and stock up on everything from bracelets to basketsto beachballs at Sandpiper Beach Shop at Sandbridge Seaside Market (2521Sandpiper Road). You'll love browsing the varied assortment of gifts, trinkets,knick-knacks, and more.

Enjoy a Delectable Dinner

After all that fresh-air fun, you've probably worked up an appetite. Fortunately, Sandbridge Beach offers several fabulous options for truly memorable noshing.

Seeking a fine-dining experience with a relaxed,family-friendly vibe? Come to Sandbridge Island Restaurant at SandbridgeSeaside Market for fresh, luscious seafood, thick, juicy steaks,all-you-can-eat shrimp and crab legs, pizza, burgers, and more. Be sure to reservea seaside table for a breathtaking view of the ocean.

Looking for something a little livelier? Try Baja Restaurant at 3701 Sandpiper Road. This casual bayside bistro serves up scrumptious surf & turf along with live entertainment. Added bonus: stunning views of the sunset over the water.

Too tuckered to dine out? Grab some tasty takeout at SimplySteamed (2545 Sandpiper Road) and bring it back to your rental. Theseafood-focused menu includes favorites like yummy lobster rolls and succulentshrimp and scallops.

Head to the Beach

After dinner, why not take one last leisurely stroll on the shore? The coast is an entirely new world at night. Savor the sights and sounds with moonlight sparkling on the waves and surf pounding the sand. Bring a flashlight and take off on a fascinating hunt for nocturnal wildlife. Using a lens covered with red cellophane, search for hatching turtle eggs, sea turtles coming onshore, or bats flying overhead. On the way back to your rental house, you might spot deer, raccoons, or other native critters.

Please Note: While these residents of Sandbridge Beach are adorable tolook at, they are wild animals. Take pictures from a distance and never try totouch them.

Then turn in for the night at your comfortable seasidevacation rental.

Be sure to get a good night's sleep, so you'll be rested up for tomorrow's adventures.

Sound like a plan? Pack the car, gather the family, and takeoff for Sandbridge Beach.

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