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Top 10 Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

It's almost summer time and you know what that means... Sandbridge Beach day! Pack your bags, fill the cooler, and grab the family. We all love having fun on the beach under the warm rays of the sun. There is just something about spending time on the beach with the sound of the ocean rolling onto the shore that makes a summer day seem more enjoyable than anything else. If you're anything like me, then you enjoy staying at the beach all day and making the most of it. But, what happens when people in your group start complaining that they want to leave because they are bored? Or maybe you are someone who wants to be able to stay at the beach all day, but you can never make it that far because you get bored. Well if either of those apply to you than here are my top 10 best beach activities.

#1 Boogie Boarding

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

If you have ever been to the beach before I'm sure you have tried boogie boarding at least once. This exciting beach activity is so easy even children do it. As simple as boogie boarding may be, it will be sure to provide hours of enjoyment and laughs! Not to mention it won't cost much money at all to go to the store and get a few boogie boards for the whole family.

#2 Surfing

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

Surfing is the ultimate beach watersport, and Sandbridge Beach is the ideal place to learn or practice your skills. If you have never surfed before and always wanted to learn, or if you're just feeling spontaneous, Surf & Adventure Company offers private surf lessons and surf camps for beginners. Lessons are two hours long and are held on the north side of Little Island Park Pier. Once you're ready to surf on your own, you can rent surfboards by the day or by the week from Surf & Adventure or Ocean Rentals.

#3 Snorkeling

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

If you are someone that loves swimming in the ocean than snorkeling may be the perfect activity for you. Have a blast exploring a little bit of life under the water in Sandbridge. You never know what you'll find under there. Keep your eyes peeled for unique shells and pieces of sea glass.

#4 Swimming

Swimming is the perfect combination between exercise and relaxation. Swimming engages your entire body for a well-rounded, light workout. As much as exercise doesn't sound relaxing, imagine the thought of calmly gliding through a large body of water while the warm sun shines down on you. Swimming is very peaceful, and many people use it as a way to clear their heads.

#5 Reading

This is probably my least favorite beach activity, but I know many people that love reading and they tell me that reading on the beach is one of their favorite summer activities. It's one thing to get lost in a good book in the comfort of your own home but imagine getting lost in your favorite book with the calming sound of the ocean in the background.

#6 Build A Sandcastle

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

We have all built at least one sandcastle in our life. This is a great activity if you have kids, but you don't need kids to enjoy doing this. Traditionally when someone says build a sandcastle, we think of filling a bucket with sand, getting it damp, flipping it over and calling it a castle. There is a sand sculpting competition every year at the Virginia Beach oceanfront that may broaden your sights on this beach activity.  Professionals, yes professionals, from all around the world gather to build masterpieces out of sand and get admired by hundreds of people.

#7 Frisbee

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

I'm sure we've all thrown a frisbee at some point in our life. Throwing a frisbee is great fun on the beach with friends or family. Did you know that throwing a frisbee is also a great overall workout? Throwing a frisbee works your core, arms, and legs all at the same time. Add some sand for resistance and you got yourself a fun exercise for the whole family. Also check out these beach activities that provide good exercise.

#8 Beach Volleyball

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

Break out the net, set it up, and watch the crowd flock to your area. Beach volleyball is a blast with the family and is also a great way to make new friends. Get a few teams together and have hours' worth of fun starting a competition!

#9 Spikeball

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

Some say that if volleyball and foursquare had a baby it'd be named Spikeball. If you have no idea what this game is; Spikeball is played 2 vs 2. A player starts a point by serving the ball down onto the Spikeball net so it ricochets up at his opponents. The returning team has up to 3 hits between them (think bump, set, spike) to return the ball back onto the net. The rally continues until a team can't return the ball onto the net within their three touches. As simple (or difficult) as this may sound one thing is for certain... you will all have a great time!

#10 Cornhole

Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

If you are thinking a game at the beach sounds fun, but volleyball and spikeball sounds a little too extraneous for me than cornhole will be perfect! Cornhole is played by tossing beanbags at a slanted board with a hole toward the top. The objective is to get your bag into the hole or at least get your bag to stay on the board. This relaxing game is the life of the party at cookouts or a fun day at the beach. Set up the 2 boards and beanbags and let the family rotate games all day.

Hopefully this article helps you, or one of your groupmembers, make it all day at the beach this summer. If you have a favorite beachactivity that we missed please let us know in the comments, we're alwayslooking for fun things to do at the beach!

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