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Virginia Beach Brews: 5 Breweries to Visit on Vacation

Virginia Beach is a popular vacation destination for not onlythe beautiful beaches but the surrounding communities as well. There are plentyof places with great local beers to explore in every district so if your ideaof a good time includes enjoying a nice craft brew in a relaxed and coolatmosphere, look no further. In no particular order, here are 5 breweries youshould check out on your next Virginia Beach vacation.

Wasserhund Brewing Company
1805 Laskin Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

Virginia Beach breweries

As their own website puts it, "Call it whatever you want...we call it German style brewing with a Beach kick." Wasserhund is the perfectbrewpub to visit for a little taste of Oktoberfest on the coast. The name comesfrom the owners', Aaron and Christine Holley, love of the beach, dogs andGerman beer. Not only are you in for some awesome brews, but their brick ovenpizza and beer sausage really puts the cherry on top of the experience. On anygiven day there are 12 beers on tap and from the cleverly named German Shepheweizento the Orange Chocolate Lab Gose, you're sure to find the perfect beer (or two)to quench your thirst.

Aside from the food and beer, this brewery gives back bydonating 30% of its evening taproom revenue to a local charity each week. Thatsounds pretty cool if you ask me!

Back Bay Brewing Company
614 Norfolk Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Featured in RollingStone's "The Definitive Nightlife-Lover'sGuide to Virginia Beach" and founded in 2011, Back Bay Brewing Co. is theperfect end to a day exploring the national wildlife refuge or the beach.Owners, Charlie Burroughs and Josh Canada have a history with Back Bay andtheir love of the area as well as passion for craft beer is apparent. With anew addition to the tap list every week, there's something new for everyone totry with Tap it Tuesday at 3pm. Popular brews range in variety from IPAs andTripels to a Pumpkin Ale and fruity Hefeweizen; there's something to satisfyevery palate!

Their tasting room, dubbed "The Blind" as an homage to theduck blind where talk of opening the brewery began, will be the hub for thebreweries new Living Room Artist's Series where local artists and musicianswill be featured later as part of this 14-month series.

Young Veterans Brewing Company
2505 Horse Pasture Rd #104
Virginia Beach, VA 23453

Virginia Beach breweries

If you're looking for a perfectly themed brewery experience,you'll find it at Young Veterans! With two local military bases, Virginia Beachhas been home to many service families and has a proud history of supportingour men and women. From World War II propaganda inspired labels to the taproomdécor, a visit to this brewery is an immersive experience. They offer sevenflagship brews plus seasonal options like the G.I Pilsner, Semper FI.P.A.,Beach Stormer and more.

This is another Virginia Beach brewery about more than justthe beer; Vet Noise is a monthly event to benefit and support local Veteransand charities. It's an opportunity for Veterans and supporters to gather andenjoy a pint, grab a bite from local food trucks, play corn hole and listen tolocal music. There are also raffles and door prizes to participate in with allproceeds going to a Veteran charity.

Back Bay's Farmhouse Brewing Company
1805 Kempsville Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Virginia Beach breweries

Aptly named, this brewery is the newest of all on this listand is in likely the oldest building. Operating from a restored 1912 farmhouse,they have it all from, a relaxed atmosphere, beer, food trucks, a farmersmarket, and yard games. Grab Fido and the kids to make it a family affairoutside! There's plenty of space with indoor and outdoor seating for you toenjoy bocce ball, cornhole or ladder golf with your choice of beer, cider orwine in hand.

They also offer hour-long Farmhouse Tours on most Saturdaysand Sundays to learn about the history of the house, their fifteen barrel highgravity brew system, and more.

Home Republic Brewing Company
328 Laskin Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23451

This Oceanfront District restaurant and brewery is known forits relaxed atmosphere and perfect pairings. 20 year Marine Corps veteran, JoeCurtis, wanted to open a place with "great beer, drinks, and food -- thatfeels like home" and it's safe to say he did just that. With beer brewedon site, you're sure to find a nice, refreshing seasonal craft beer on tap andcan even take a growler with you to enjoy at your Sandbridge Beach vacationrental.

If you're looking for great beer options and an impressivemenu and atmosphere to match, you can't go wrong with Home Republic!

There are plenty of other great breweries and brewpubs in thearea to try, but this list is a great place to start! The best thing aboutvacationing in Sandbridge is its location; you get all the beauty and seclusionof the beach without being too far from the Virginia Beach nightlife andcityscape. It truly is the best of both worlds!

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