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5 Tips for Making the Most of Your Mini-Vacation

We know you want to spend as much time as possible on your vacation in Sandbridge, but sometimes a full week just isn't in the cards. Fortunately, this doesn't mean you have to forego your vacation totally or have any less fun! Any time between September and May, there are properties available for less than a seven day stay or "mini-vacation" (we call it a mini-stay).

Here are 5 ways to make the most of your mini-vacation.

1. Find the perfect vacation rental for your group

You'llbe spending a lot of time at your vacation rental when you're not out and aboutor on the beach, so you want to make sure to get the most out of your rental.For example, if you can't imagine your vacation without your pup, make sure youcheck out our pet-friendlyrentals. You can even search for your perfect vacation rental bydesired amenities like private pool, hot tub, elevator and more to make surethat your home for the next few days has everything you need.

Withlimited vacation time already, you can even save yourself a bit of travel timeby looking for an oceanfront rental so you can wake up, roll out of bed, andonto the beach first thing in the morning - not to mention the stunning viewsyou'll get to experience every sunrise and sunset of your stay.

mini-stay in Sandbridge

2. Get outside

Sandbridgeis the ideal vacation destination for the nature lover. There are plenty ofactivities and sites to be seen for everyone, young and old. For the moreadventurous members of your group, enjoy an unforgettable experience on thewater with kayak and paddleboard tours. Whether you prefer the calm of Back Bayor (for those with some experience) the open Atlantic, one thing is for sure:you'll never forget the experience and sights to be seen. Check out Blue Pete'sDinner Tour for a guided trip through Back Bay Wildlife Refuge to Blue Pete'sfor an amazing seafood dinner.

Takeit a step further and give camping under the stars at False Cape State Park ashot! After all, there's no better way to take in as much of the sights andsounds than spending the night immersed in it. Park at Little Island Park andhike or bike to one of the 12 campsites to start an experience you won't soonforget.

3. Try these must-have dining options without leaving Sandbridge

Speakingof vacation is complete without delicious food! If you haven't triedit before, Margie and Ray's Seafoodis a Sandbridge Beach vacation staple you have to try at least once; they evenhave a fan-favorite she-crab soup on the menu.

Anothergreat option with seafood and beyond, is BajaRestaurant. For everything surf, turf, drinks and even pasta, you coulddine here every night of your vacation and have a different dining experienceeach time.

Forlunch, pizza, drinks or just a casual meal, SandbridgeIsland Restaurant is an award-winning option. Experience why they won in 5categories for Best of the Beach including Best Kept Secret, Best Deck &Outdoor Dining, Best Pizza, Best Ribs and Best Local's Hangout. From Happy Hourto their daily specials, The Island has something for everyone.

Ifyou're feeling up for a drive, there are even more dining options in thesurrounding areas outside of Sandbridge. Whether you have 3 days to spend or afull week, there's no shortage of delicious food in Virginia Beach!

4. Sights to see

Frombeautiful ocean views, sunrises and sunsets, and gorgeous bayside vistas,there's plenty to see in Sandbridge Beach. You'd be doing yourself a disserviceif you didn't check out Back Bay on your coastal vacation! Even if it's onlyfor an hour or two, if you love to be submersed in nature, this is the perfectspot for you.

This stretch of the coast is unique in that it is home to such a wide variety of animals including bottlenose dolphins, foxes, bats, turtles, deer, and more. These are just some of the most popular animals to see in Sandbridge Beach. As a refuge for more than 300 species of birds from tundra swans to osprey there are endless bird-watching opportunities to be had.

mini-vacations in Sandbridge

5. Make memories to last a lifetime

Thekey to making the most of your mini-vacation in Sandbridge Beach, is using thefew days you have to make memories to last a lifetime! Whether your familybonds by just lounging poolside or soaking up the sun at the beach, there areendless opportunities to make memories on your beach vacation. One way toencourage quality time with the family, is to challenge yourself and yourfamily to have an unpluggedvacation with no phones, tablets or tvs to be fully present in themoment. Enjoy each other's company and the beautiful beach environment each dayand you'll find yourself leaving the beach feeling completely refreshed, nomatter how short the trip.

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