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Top 10 Beach Activities in Virginia Beach

It's almost summer time and you know what that means... Sandbridge Beach day! Pack your bags, fill the cooler, and grab the family. We all love having fun on the beach under the warm rays of the sun. There is just something about spending time on the beach with the sound of the ocean rolling onto

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Top 5 Places to get Dessert in Virginia Beach

If you're a foodie like me, finding a good place for dessert is a necessity on any vacation. Whether you're looking for a quick ice cream cone after a long hot day on the beach or just something to satisfy your sweet tooth while exploring around Virginia Beach, we've got you covered! Here's a list

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Sandbridge Vacation Rentals vs. Hotels: What's the Better Option?

Renting a house or condo in Sandbridge Beach can make a vacation so much more enjoyable than staying in a hotel. From giving you more space to letting you live like a local, here are some of the perks of renting a house instead of a room:Save MoneyRenting a house or condo can be significantly less

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