Top 10 (Updated) Boredom Busters For Sandbridge Beach

Boredom Busters in Sandbridge Beach

Boredom can sometimes be inevitable, whether you go camping, skiing, or to the beach no matter where you decide to vacation. Here are some activities that are the warriors to fight that battle for you when you visit Sandbridge and Virginia Beach.   READ MORE

Activities for the Adventurous Vacationer in Sandbridge

activities iFly Virginia Beach
If you are looking for an adventure that offers more adrenaline than what your typical go-carts or putt-putt can offer we’ve got you covered. Here are 6 activities that will get you active and your adrenaline going in the Virginia Beach area.


Newer to the area, we have indoor skydiving at iFly. iFly is a 14’ temperature controlled indoor skydiving venue located on Pacific Ave. in Virginia Beach. Once you check-in you will have a small training session where you learn the proper body position for flying and hand signals the instructor will use while you are flying. After that you gear up and are ready to go! Each flight last 60 seconds. Even if you have little ones who are brave and want to go it is totally safe for anyone ages 3 and up!

The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

Spend the day zipping from tree to tree at The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium! The Adventure Park is the largest forest climbing park in the nation with 15 trails, 21 zip lines, 6 difficulty levels and 200 challenge bridges. You will be able to choose a 2 or 3 hour forest adventure. This does not include the safety orientation that you must take before climbing. With 15 different trails to choose from, beginner to advance, The Adventure Park is a great way to spend a day of active fun with your friends and/or family.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding, also known as SUP, is a bit more relaxing but still a lot of fun and gives you a full body workout. Riders balance themselves standing on the board and use a paddle to navigate through water. While staying in Sandbridge you have access to all the canals and Back Bay Wildlife Refuge to paddle through. If you are looking for more of a rush you can head over to the beach and catch some waves. Never paddle boarded before but interested in learning? Check out Surf and Adventure! They offer group or private lessons and well as SUP tours.


Spend the day soaking in the sun while experiencing nature at it most pristine. With over 121 navigable miles of waterways Virginia Beach is a perfect place to go kayaking. If you have your own kayak there are a few different launch sites at Back Bay Wildlife refuge. If you are traveling you can rent or go on a kayak tour at Surf and Adventure. They offer 6 different tours from a eco tour to a kayak fishing tour.

Offshore Fishing

You can get such an adrenaline rush from offshore fishing especially if you catch a blue marlin or a yellowfin tuna. Most trips last from 12 to 17 hours and need to be reserved in advance. The day starts before the sun comes up. You will head out to wrecks, offshore towers, and underwater canyons 75 miles from shore. Once you get where you are going you will drop your line and hopefully be reeling in a 300-pound tuna. You can book offshore fishing charters with Rudee Tours. They even offer 3 hourly nightly fishing tour, from 6 pm to 9pm, that is perfect for kids.

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge/ False Cape State Park

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park is such a beautiful place to go hiking or biking. These are two different locations and offer different sights but you can only access False Cape through Back Bay Wildlife Refuge.

Back Bay has 8 miles of scenic trails to explore. They offer tours and educational programs. You will have amazing views of the bay and may see some wildlife such as birds and deer along the trails.

False Cape has 6 miles of beaches, 12 campsites, and 9 miles of hiking/biking. They also offer tours and educational programs. If you plan on visiting for just the day you will be able to take a tram from Back Bay. You will have 2 hours to explore the area. While you are there be sure to check out Wash Woods area. There is an old church and cemetery. If you plan on stay the night you will have to hike/bike through Back Bay refuge.

Even though many people choose to vacation in Virginia Beach to spend the day in the sun building sandcastles there are many activities in the area for the more adventurous time. Have you tried one of these activities? I am sure there are many other things to do in the area to get your adrenaline going. Is there a place that you go to every year that we may have missed?

Exciting Land and Sea Tours of Sandbridge Beach

sandbridge beach tours
To really get to know a place, you need a local guide. Land and sea tours of Sandbridge Beach help you learn more about the history, culture, and ecology of the area than you ever would on your own. Whether you love the water, the land, or both, Sandbridge Beach has an abundance of private and small-group tour options to match your sense of adventure.

Kayak Fishing Tours

Henry David Thoreau said, “Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.” Fishing from a kayak takes you back to the quiet and simplicity of the good old days. It allows you to get to places you can’t reach by motorboats; you’ll have access to protected coves and other secluded spots where fish hide from noisy motors.

Even if you’ve never kayaked, you can enjoy a guided fishing tour on the freshwater tributaries of Back Bay or on the salt waters of Rudee Inlet, where you can catch striped bass, speckled trout, drum, skate, spot, croaker, and flounder. Guides know the fishing hot spots and are happy to share their knowledge with anglers of all levels of experience. (Ask your guide about what licenses are available.)

Kayak Tours

Even if you don’t want to fish, a kayak tour of Back Bay Wildlife Refuge is a gratifying way to spend a tranquil morning or afternoon. The freshwater creeks of Back Bay are flat and calm, making for an easy paddle. You’ll move through private waterways with a prime view of birds, deer, turtles, and fish. Bring your binoculars; guides are knowledgeable about local plants and wildlife.

One of the most popular kayak trips is Surf and Adventure’s Paddle to Blue Pete’s. This tour is an easy 2.5-mile, one-way trip to Blue Pete’s restaurant, a favorite hangout for locals and visitors. For an extra dose of awesome, sign up for the sunset tour.

Birders will appreciate Kayak Nature Tours half-day eco kayak tours from First Landing State Park. Tour highlights include abundant osprey, a pair of bald eagles, and a profusion of other birds and animals. This trip is a 3-mile paddle that stops for a beach snack at the midpoint.

If you’d like to get beyond the flat water and into the ocean, an ocean kayak tour is the trip of a lifetime. Your guide will teach you how to paddle through the surf. Once beyond the breakers, you’ll spot dolphins, turtles, diving birds, and schools of fish.

Standup Paddleboard (SUP) Tours

If you’ve never been paddleboarding, prepare to fall in love. Paddleboarding feels like walking on water, and it’s a wonderfully peaceful way to spend a few hours. Because paddleboards move so slowly, they don’t startle birds and other wildlife. You’ll get closer than ever before to great blue heron, pelicans, cormorants, and more. Dolphins are very curious about SUPs and often swim right alongside paddlers.

Paddleboarding is good exercise, but it’s easy to learn and easy to adapt to your fitness level. You can stand up to paddle, but with a little practice you can switch back and forth between paddling from a kneeling or sitting position, too.

Surf and Adventure also welcomes paddleboarders on their crowd-pleasing Paddle to Blue Pete’s. No experience is necessary.

Dolphin-Watching Tours

If there’s one thing that makes people smile universally, it’s dolphins. A dolphin-watching tour is not only a sure way to spot these fascinating, intelligent creatures, it’s the best way to learn about their habits and habitats. Rudee Tours offers dolphin cruises aboard their comfortable 65-foot catamaran. This tour is perfect for the whole family because there are restrooms, snacks, an air-conditioned cabin, and handicapped accessibility. Plus, if you don’t see a dolphin on your trip, they’ll take you out again for free.

Bike Tours

Biking Sandbridge Beach is the best mix of adventure, exercise, and wonder. Roads and trails are relatively flat, so biking is as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. Choose to bike the interior of False Cape and you’ll also get to charge over dunes and through shallow valleys. You’ll likely glimpse deer, wild pigs, and migratory birds that you won’t spot anywhere else. Deserted beaches are hard to find these days, but if you bike the beach on a fat-tire sand bike and you’ll find you have the scenery and wildlife all to yourself.

If you’re looking for a short tour, sign up for a sunrise or sunset tour into the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge. These are the most active times for wildlife, so this is an exciting trip for kids and nature lovers.

Taking a guided land or sea tour of the unique Sandbridge Beach ecosystem gives you local knowledge about the history, wildlife, and ecology of this extremely diverse geography. When you don’t have to plan all the details yourself, you’ll reach a deeper level of relaxation on your vacation.

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