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Dog-Friendly Tips For Vacationing In Virginia Beach

dog-friendlyThinking about bringing your furry friend to Sandbridge? There are plenty of dog-friendly parks, restaurants, beaches, trails, and vacation rentals that welcome dogs. Here is a quick summary on what to keep in mind and where to go if you want to bring your K-9 on vacation to Virginia Beach with you.First, you'll need to book a dog-friendly vacation rental! Visit Sandbridge Blue to look at all of our dog-friendly properties.

Preparing for the Beach

During the summer months, you may need more equipment for your pet pals, but here is a quick rundown of things you'll need to keep in mind and bring with you to make sure your pet has a safe and fun trip.
  • Outdoor water bowl for when they get thirsty in the heat
  • Fresh drinking water. Even though they may get thirsty, ingesting too much salt water can be very harmful for your dog, so it's best to bring along a couple bottles of water.
  • Towels for drying him off after swimming and to protect his belly from the hot sand
  • Doggy sunscreen. It may sound silly, but short, light colored fur and pink skin make pets more vulnerable to the sun. Find child-safe sunscreen or something approved by your vet to protect your pet's skin.
  • Don't allow pets to swim when there are strong tides or rip currents.
  • Beach umbrellas are great for making sure your furry friend doesn't get too overheated in the sun while he plays or rests.
  • Particularly on hot days, it's best to take shorter midday or evening walks to avoid overheating and burnt paws on hot pavement.
  • Waste bags. In order to dispose of pet waste, it is required to always have something to clean up after your pet with. You'll avoid a fine and be fully prepared for the day.

Dog-Friendly Places In And Near Sandbridge Beach

Dog-Friendly Parks

False Cape State Park, 4001 Sandpiper Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23457Dogs are allowed in the park year-round and in the refuge during the month of October. Dog's must be leashed and cleaned up after at all times.First Landing State Park, 2500 Shore Dr. H 60 Virginia Beach, VA 23451For day use, dogs are allowed in the park at no additional fee and only $3 per night per pet for overnight camping. They are also allowed throughout the park and the beach so long as they are under the owner's control, on a maximum of a 6 foot leash, and cleaned up after. Proof of rabies vaccination is required for all dogs in Virginia Beach.Bayville Farms Park, 4132 First Court Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23455This one acre dog park has separate sections for both large and small dogs. An annual registration fee of $15 is required along with a valid rabies vaccination. To obtain a collar tag, just visit the park office.

Pet Stores

Care-A-Lot Pet Supply, 1924 Diamond Springs Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455This pet supply store has all of your pet's vacation necessities from water toys, pet strollers, bike trailers, and much more.PetSmart Pet Store, 4421 Virginia Beach Blvd. Virginia Beach, VA 23462For your food, treats, toys and leashes, PetSmart is a familiar and credible store for all of the essentials. You can even bring your pet in (leashed) to pick out his own toys and treats!

Dog-Friendly Dining

Abbey Road Pub and Restaurant, 203 22nd St, Virginia Beach, VA, US, 23451With over 42 craft and draft beer options and a diverse Jamaican jerk chicken, prime rib and seafood menu, you can bring your dog along for a cool, dog-friendly environment.Sage Kitchen, 1925 Fisher Arch, Virginia Beach, VA, US, 23456Bad weather? No problem! Sage Kitchen welcomes dogs on the patio and in the greenhouse dining area in case of inclement weather. Enjoy fresh delicious food with your furry friend to wait out the storm.Murphy's Irish Pub, 30 St and Pacific Ave, Virginia Beach, VA, US, 23451The name tells you everything you need to know about the food. Bangers and mash, live entertainment, good beer, and your furry friend. What more could you ask for?

Laws & Ordinances

While Virginia Beach is a dog-friendly city, there are some rules and regulations that must be followed for the safety of our furry friends and human companions as well.

In vs. Off Season

Dogs are welcome on the public beaches and boardwalk any time before Memorial Day and after Labor Day weekend annually, this is considered the off season for Virginia Beach. During the summer months, pets are allowed on the beach at the north end above 42nd Street or the south end (Sandbridge) before 10 a.m. and after 6.p.m. and on the boardwalk during the same time restrictions. Dogs are prohibited at all times during the summer months south of 42nd Street and north of Sandbridge.

Leash Laws

Dogs must be leashed at all times within city limits on any city sidewalk, street, or public right-of-way. Dogs must also be wearing a city pet license. For the safety of all people and animals on the beach, it is encouraged to supervise your pet at all times and only unleash on the beach if your pet has reliable recall commands in spite of distractions.

Cleanup Etiquette

While walking your pup, make sure to have doggy waste bags to clean up after your pet. Not only is there an ordinance prohibiting pet waste in public and private areas, but its proper etiquette to clean up after your furry friend. Lastly, please fill in any holes they dig during their fun in the sun!

Emergency Numbers

Virginia Beach Animal Control Unit: (757) 385-5000Virginia Beach Health Department: (757) 518-2700Beach Veterinary Emergency Center: (757) 498-4900Tidewater Veterinary Emergency Hospital: (757) 499-5463
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