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Christmas in Sandbridge - Memory Monday 12/24/18

Greetings from a glorious Sandbridge Beach. I was just out on the beach earlier this morning with my dog enjoying a beautiful Christmas Eve sunrise.It was truly an amazing sight as the sun was rising over an otherwise very calm Atlantic ocean, I looked to the west and saw the remnants of a full

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Dog day - Memory Monday 2/19/18

Greetings from a gorgeous Sandbridge Beach on this Monday morning.   It is a great day to do just about anything, but most of all a great day to take it easy on the beach.   Some might call it a dog day.That is the theme of this week's Memory Monday photo contest. 

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Beach Dude - Memory Monday 2/5/18

Good Monday Morning!  We hope all Philadelphia Eagles fans are happy today, and New England Patriots fans are looking forward to next year after a very entertaining Super Bowl last night.   Those of us without a rooting interest enjoyed a great game, and are back to work today with no...

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March Madness: Memory Monday March 13, 2017.

March MadnessSo this week marks the official start of the 3 week malaise known as March Madness.  Whether you pull for the Cavaliers of UVa or the Eagles of Winthrop, or any of the other 66 teams in the NCAA men's basketball tournament we are sure you are as excited as us to see what happens

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Cowabunga!: Memory Monday January 23, 2017.

Cowabunga!Greetings on a warm and overcast Monday here in Sandbridge.  It is still very quiet here, but we are taking lots of bookings for the 2017 summer season and we are all looking forward to warm weather staying for just one day.Today it is in the 60's believe it or not.  But of

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