Christmas in Sandbridge – Memory Monday 12/24/18

Greetings from a glorious Sandbridge Beach. I was just out on the beach earlier this morning with my dog enjoying a beautiful Christmas Eve sunrise.

It was truly an amazing sight as the sun was rising over an otherwise very calm Atlantic ocean, I looked to the west and saw the remnants of a full moon setting in the northwestern sky. Did you know that the full moon we had on the first day of winter was such a rare situation that none of us may live to see it again. READ MORE

Dog day – Memory Monday 2/19/18

Greetings from a gorgeous Sandbridge Beach on this Monday morning.   It is a great day to do just about anything, but most of all a great day to take it easy on the beach.   Some might call it a dog day.

That is the theme of this week’s Memory Monday photo contest.   Special thanks goes out to Paula who sent this week’s photos.  Paula and her 4 legged friends enjoyed their recent stay with us.  Paula sent along a message with this photo that said thanks to Blue for having so many great pet friendly rentals.

It is true, Sandbridge Blue has a good percentage of our properties that allow dogs to come with you on vacation.   The most exiting part of that however is that there is no extra fee to add in when you bring a dog to a pet friendly property.

Here’s this week’s Memory Monday photo submission

It looks like Paula needed a bigger lounge chair for the deck!   Is she in the way?  Judging from this photos  it sure looks like everyone had a great time visiting Sandbridge Blue

Thank you Paula for sharing her photo memories.  Just like Paula, we invite you to send us your photos if you stay with Sandbridge Blue.  We have many dog friendly properties, and none of them have an extra charge for you to bring your pet.   Dog lovers will be surprised to hear that!

Keep in mind that each week we present a Memory Monday photo submission from one of our guests.   We put them up randomly and try to get every photo posted, but we ask you to be patient because we get a lot of submissions.   Once per month we randomly select a winner from that month’s photos to receive a discount on their next rental with Blue.

Thanks for your submission Paula.  We look forward to serving you again soon.

All the best from the beach!

Beach Dude – Memory Monday 2/5/18

Good Monday Morning!  We hope all Philadelphia Eagles fans are happy today, and New England Patriots fans are looking forward to next year after a very entertaining Super Bowl last night.   Those of us without a rooting interest enjoyed a great game, and are back to work today with no effects.  Not so up north today.   For our Memory Monday photo contest submission today we are providing you a picture we are entitling “Beach Dude.”

This little guy’s name is Bradley and he enjoyed his first trip to the beach this past September.   Before coming to the beach he must have made a quick stop at the 17th Street Surf Shop on the strip, because he is dressed like a real beach dude!  Check out the print bathing trunks, complimentary colored t-shirt, and the shades to protect the eyes for a quick nap at the shore.  And don’t forget the supporting colors on the beach towel.  Very well done Bradley!

This week’s photo memory comes to us from Becky Edwards of Leesburg, Virginia who stayed with Sandbridge Blue last September with Bradley and her family.

We get a lot of “kid pics” here at Memory Monday, but we really enjoyed this week’s as it seems 3 month old Bradley brings a lot of personality to this shot.   He seems very comfortable at the beach, and we suspect this will not be his last visit to the coast.

Thank you Becky for sharing your photo memories.  Don’t forget that you can have your photos posted here on our Memory Monday photo contest.  Every Monday we post a picture from one of our guests, and then once a month we randomly select one of the photos posted that month to win a $100 discount on your next visit with Sandbridge Blue.

Keep sending those photos in and you too might see your picture here just like the Beach Dude.  We are a little backed up on getting all of the photos posted because we have so many of them, but we will get them all posted as soon as we can.

All the best from the beach!

March Madness: Memory Monday March 13, 2017.

March Madness

So this week marks the official start of the 3 week malaise known as March Madness.  Whether you pull for the Cavaliers of UVa or the Eagles of Winthrop, or any of the other 66 teams in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament we are sure you are as excited as us to see what happens over the next few weeks.  Good luck to everyone’s teams!

Meanwhile we are glad to bring you this week’s Memory Monday photo contest submission brought to us this week by Rebecca Romanow of North Tonawanda, New York who stayed with Blue last summer and provided us this great shot of the early morning beach in Sandbridge.

Memory Monday is our weekly time to reminisce with our guests by presenting the best photos we receive from our valued guests.  We receive a lot of photos so please be patient as we pick one each week to publish.  Then, each month we randomly choose one of the photos that has been posted as our monthly winner. That person gets a $100 discount on their next stay with Sandbridge Blue.

Thanks again to Rebecca!  We look forward to serving you and your family again soon!

All the best from the beach.

Cowabunga!: Memory Monday January 23, 2017.


Greetings on a warm and overcast Monday here in Sandbridge.  It is still very quiet here, but we are taking lots of bookings for the 2017 summer season and we are all looking forward to warm weather staying for just one day.

Today it is in the 60’s believe it or not.  But of course we know winter time in Sandbridge means that it could be in the 20’s tomorrow!

At any rate this week’s Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Amy Bridenbaugh who stayed with Blue last September and said she had a wonderful time making many great memories with her family with Sandbridge Blue.

As she states her favorite photo (Below) is of her Dad, who had hip replacement surgery a few months before their vacation and was caught in the act working out on his boogie board in the surf!

Thanks Amy for sending along your photo memories.  We look forward to serving you again soon at Sandbridge Blue!

All the best from the beach!


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