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Beach Dude - Memory Monday 2/5/18

Good Monday Morning!  We hope all Philadelphia Eagles fans are happy today, and New England Patriots fans are looking forward to next year after a very entertaining Super Bowl last night.   Those of us without a rooting interest enjoyed a great game, and are back to work today with no effects.  Not so up north today.   For our Memory Monday photo contest submission today we are providing you a picture we are entitling "Beach Dude."This little guy's name is Bradley and he enjoyed his first trip to the beach this past September.   Before coming to the beach he must have made a quick stop at the 17th Street Surf Shop on the strip, because he is dressed like a real beach dude!  Check out the print bathing trunks, complimentary colored t-shirt, and the shades to protect the eyes for a quick nap at the shore.  And don't forget the supporting colors on the beach towel.  Very well done Bradley!This week's photo memory comes to us from Becky Edwards of Leesburg, Virginia who stayed with Sandbridge Blue last September with Bradley and her family.We get a lot of "kid pics" here at Memory Monday, but we really enjoyed this week's as it seems 3 month old Bradley brings a lot of personality to this shot.   He seems very comfortable at the beach, and we suspect this will not be his last visit to the coast.Thank you Becky for sharing your photo memories.  Don't forget that you can have your photos posted here on our Memory Monday photo contest.  Every Monday we post a picture from one of our guests, and then once a month we randomly select one of the photos posted that month to win a $100 discount on your next visit with Sandbridge Blue.Keep sending those photos in and you too might see your picture here just like the Beach Dude.  We are a little backed up on getting all of the photos posted because we have so many of them, but we will get them all posted as soon as we can.All the best from the beach!
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