Posted by Tim Cafferty

Family Fun: Memory Monday July 3, 2017.

Happy Monday.  We hope you all are having a wonderful Monday and looking forward to a festive Independence Day holiday tomorrow and some family fun.   Today's Memory Monday brings family fun into focus as this week's picture comes to us from the Bradford family of Steamboat Springs, Colorado who stayed with us last week at the property "Always For Sail."Sarah, Chris, Nicholas, and Willem enjoyed a family fun filled time with us as they share with their pictures of their recent stay.Everyone knows the biggest part of the fun of a family vacation is the travel to and from the destination.  Here is evidence of a long trip in the car being broken up with a stop at the Virginia Farm Market where Nicholas had some fun.Then there was the final destinationSandbridge Beach is definitely worth the trip.   The Bradford's tell us the most fun they had was Ghost crab hunting on the beach each night after dark, and eating at Margie and Ray's restaurant.We are so glad that the Bradfords had such a great stay with Sandbridge Blue, their first visit to Virginia Beach.  We look forward to having them back many times in the future.All the best from the beach!
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