Hot Summer Items for 2014!

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and its time to make your vacation plans if you haven’t
already.   Sandbridge
 has some availability on select properties over the next few weeks, some with special promotional

When you come to the Sandbridge you
need the latest and greatest beach gear and we here at “Everything Sandbridge” have done a bit of research
for you so you can save some prep time for your vacation.

Here’s our version of the
top 10 “HOT” items for this coming summer!

#1  Rockin’ Rollin’

Rockin Rollin Stereo Cooler

is a “cool” collapsible cooler with built in speakers, and wheels!  I-pod ready.  Priced
  $69.95 from

#2  Convertible Cooler

Cooler with a table

This caught
our eye because not only does it have a full cooler for food, but it also has a table that folds out for
little ones to have a clean spot to eat.   $61.59 available at

#3  Wonder Wheeler

Beach Cart

The “Wonder Wheeler”
beach cart is for the person that can’t quite get everything they need to the beach.  This huge
cart is large enough to hold a 48 quart cooler.  $69.90 available at

#4  Banger

Polarized mirror glasses

of being recognized at the beach?  Want to fall asleep without anyone knowing you have your eyes
closed?   Try these mirror finished polarized glasses.  You can see out, but no one can
see in.   $79.99 available at

#5  Bottle opener Sunglasses

Brewsees Sunglasses

I think we’ve seen it all now.
  These are sunglasses that double as bottle openers.   $29.00 available at

#6  Solar
I-phone charger

Never wear your battery down

an important call at the beach, but your battery is low?  Never fear get your solar i-phone charger
here.  Starting at $21.95 available at

#7  Waboba Water Ball

Waterproof ball

The waboba
beach ball is a cool beach toy for you to take along to entertain yourself and others at the beach.  The
water ball actually bounces on the water.   All different sizes and colors available.  From
$7.99 at

#8  Handtrux sand digger

Now that is the way to dig at the beach!

the days of digging at the beach with a spoon from the kitchen, or one of those flimsy plastic beach
shovels?   Your kids won’t after you get them a set of “Handtrux backhoe diggers”  If you
want to move some sand on Sandbridge beach this is the thing for you.   $17.99 at

#9   Sandbridge Blue Beach Chair
needs a great beach chair, why not a beach chair from Sandbridge Blue Realty Services?   Not for
sale, but vacations available at
#10   A book
This is a book
this age of constant connectivity and instant communication we highly recommend a throwback – a book!
Available at libraries everywhere grab yourself a novel, biography, even a how to book and head to the beach
without anything else but a chair and your book.   Open the cover and do not leave until you’ve
read for at least three hours.    Feel free to take a dip in the ocean between chapters!
That’s it.   That’s our 2014 version of top 10 beach items for you to
take to Sandbridge this summer.  Now get out there and enjoy our pristine beaches and beautiful
All the best from the beach!
By Tim Cafferty,
President, Sandbridge Blue Realty Services



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Hot Summer Items for 2014!

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