Posted by Tim Cafferty

Flying South - Memory Monday 1/8/18

So have you dug out from the Snow bomb cyclone, or bombogensis, or winter storm Grayson, or whatever the latest term that was used for the storm that rolled through here last Wednesday?  We are still struggling here in Sandbridge on this Monday morning as roads are still covered in ice, schools are closed for the 4th day, and temperatures are still below freezing this morning.   Makes us all want to follow the birds and fly south!We read this morning in news accounts that this storm that rolled through put 10 inches of snow on us, but was only the 12th largest snow storm in history.  You could have fooled all of us!  We definitely were shaken by this storm, and we still are shaking this morning.We here at Sandbridge Blue are looking forward to temperatures in the 40's today which will be the first time they have been above 25 degrees since last Wednesday.  Tomorrow it gets a bit warmer, and by the end of the week we should warmer and more seasonable temperatures again....we love January weather in Sandbridge!   No wonder so many people are walking around with colds and flu at this time of the year.That brings us to this week's memory Monday photo submission brought to us Eileen Henrie of Oswego, New York who stayed with us this past fall and caught a shot to some Canadian Geese heading south for the winter.    Wise birds!Amazing about how wise some creatures are.  These guys are probably in 70 degree temperatures and sunshine today!Thanks Eileen for sharing your photo memories.   We look forward to serving you and your family again soon when you head south from Oswego and come to get some Virginia Beach sunshine!This weekend would be a good one to come see us as temps are expected to be in the 60's again!
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