Posted by Tim Cafferty

Sandman - Memory Monday 1/15/18

Good Monday Morning!  We hope you are enjoying this Monday and that if you are a NFL football fan that your team made it through the big weekend of playoff games.   We have a lot of Washington Redskins fans around here so it was a quiet weekend for most of us.  A good weekend for a solitude walk on the beach here in Sandbridge, and that brings us to our Memory Monday photo submission which we entitle "sandman."This picture comes to us from Sarah who stayed with Sandbridge Blue recently and sent this picture of her 9 month old son Christopher on the beach who was obviously just amazed with the concept of sand.   As she said in her caption of the photo "Mom, I think I like this sand stuff."  She also says she can't wait to make the annual family beach visit a tradition that won't stop any time soon.So cute!  We also love how Christopher has his sun blocker hat on to protect from the harmful rays.  Way to go Sandman.  We look forward to serving Christopher, Sarah and their entire family on their next visit to Sandbridge.All the best from the beach.
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