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Year-End Wrap-Up: Relax and Rejuvenate in Sandbridge Beach, VA

The week between Christmas and New Year's is the perfect time to plan a sabbatical of sorts. As 2014 fades into a memory and 2015 stands ready and full of promise, making room in your schedule for some down time is precisely what the doctor ordered.And where better to find peace, quiet and beauty than Sandbridge Beach, Virginia? Sandbridge offers a wide variety of activities in a simple getaway that provides the rejuvenation you've always wanted as you prepare for the arrival of a brand-new year. Bring a group of friends, take the family or have some special couple's time ... either way, you're bound to leave recharged and ready to take on whatever lies ahead.

Family Downtime: Beach Living For The Whole Crew

Beachside living (even in a temporary setting) has become a favorite because it offers everything needed for an ideal getaway. Quiet moments are plentiful for those who want to take time out from their busy schedules, but there is also invigorating outdoor activities for those who want to explore the beauty of nature; and unique shopping experiences that can provide the perfect souvenirs. Each friend or family member will take home his or her favorite memories from your year-end beach stay.

Sunshine In Winter: White-Capped Waves Instead Of Snow

Head to Sandbridge Beach to finish out your year, and trade the ice and snow of northern states for the more moderate climate of the beach side of Virginia. With normal highs in the forties and fifties throughout December, Sandbridge provides gentle relief from freezing temperatures without the hot, humid climate of more traditional winter retreats.Mild weather also makes it easier to enjoy some outdoor activities. Beach walks and stunning sunsets are obviously available, but you can find other outdoor adventures in and around Sandbridge as well. Three parks within the Sandbridge community are perfect for winter enjoyment for the nature lovers in your group. Be sure to pack warmly, though — the ocean breezes are constant in some areas with the wind chill dropping the feel of the temperature by as much as 10°. Those new Christmas gloves and hats might come in handy.The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge includes dunes, islands, freshwater ponds and marshes, and even large areas for wildfowl that are wintering in the area. With more than 8,000 acres of refuge, visitors can experience the ultimate feeling of secluded tranquility as they wander the trails and watch for creatures in their natural habitat.For those who enjoy hikes and bikes, False Cape State Park offers trails that cross the over 4,000 acres that make up this park. Boasting six miles of beaches that have remained unspoiled — and are among the last of these ecological areas in the East — a visit to False Cape State Park will increase your appreciation for the natural beauty of the area. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, this park also features shelters, playgrounds, and concessions so that even large family groups can enjoy the outdoors together.When cheeks are red and toes are feeling a little chilled, it might be just the time to enjoy a bowl of hot soup or a hearty seafood dinner at one of the cozy family-owned restaurants of the Outer Banks. Your group will love the authentic local flavors and hospitality that bring visitors back to this special place year after year.

Personalized Activities: Recreation At Your Own Pace

Although strategically positioned far enough away from the more populated Virginia Beach area to ensure peace, quiet and refuge, Sandbridge provides recreation options for each member of your group. Along with easy driving to the array of retail stores and outlets in Virginia Beach, Sandbridge has plenty of small shops to explore, each with its own intimate, home-town flavor.Shopping in the quaint Sandbridge Market or the variety of Sandbridge gift shops offers visitors the chance to relax, explore local culture, and find unique gifts and souvenirs.A trip to Sandbridge is perfect for those who are looking for luxury treatment. With massage services and the option to personalize treatments and therapy, retreating to Sandbridge for the last week of the year can turn into some of the best stress-free days of the entire 12 months. After the hype and pressure of holiday activities, who doesn't deserve a beach-town spa and massage experience?For more active recreation, golfing in the area is abundant. With a dozen beautiful courses in and around Virginia Beach, a week's visit isn't enough time to experience, much less master, them all. And if you prefer to stay close to the quiet of Sandbridge, you still have options. Two fine courses are within three and seven miles — Hell's Point Golf Club and Heron Ridge both offer courses with exceptional and challenging designs along with lovely vistas.

Local Dining: Home-Cooked Food At Its Finest

Local restaurants include several family-operated favorites offering the best of beachside fare. The Baja, a Sandbridge classic since 1975, features seafood on its broad menu. The Bay View Lounge offers live entertainment along with a beautiful view from inside or outside lounging options. The Sandbridge Island Restaurant also offers meals with an ocean view and a menu full of fresh seafood options.

Perfect Place To Party: Safe, Exciting Options For Your New Year's Eve Fling

When booking a Sandbridge rental home, you can ring in the New Year with options you may have never had before. Watch the tide roll out for the last time of the year from your own deck or with a family-and-friends beach barbecue. Or head to the "Last Night on the Town" celebration at Virginia Beach's town center to enjoy family fun that starts in the afternoon and concludes after the New Year has officially begun. Whether you keep close to those you love the best, go out and meet new friends, or try a little of both, your New Year's Eve in Sandbridge can be unforgettable and surprisingly relaxing.

Perspective And Preparation

There's nothing like an afternoon spent watching the ocean waves roll onto the shore for a reminder about what's really important in life. The peaceful beauty of Sandbridge Beach is the perfect setting for reflecting on the experiences of the holidays and compiling your list of New Year's resolutions. Your group may be facing lots of changes and challenges in the coming year, but they will seem a little less daunting after a week spent away from it all in this special spot on the East Coast.

Reduced Rates: Incentives For Finding A Peaceful Retreat

Reasonable winter rates will quickly convince you that a year-end retreat to Sandbridge Beach should become a yearly event. Enjoying all that Sandbridge has to offer, with discounted prices and the additional peace that comes with less crowded beaches, restaurants, golf courses and shops will give you a taste of what a true getaway can be like — after the busiest time of the year and just before diving into a new one.We look forward to your visit, and we know Sandbridge Beach will become one of your favorite retreats!
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