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Will You Marry Me? Memory Monday 6/11/18

Good Monday morning from beautiful Sandbridge Beach where summer is in full swing now and we are enjoying all the beach has to offer.  On this week's Memory Monday photo contest we share a proposal caught on camera....will you marry me?This photo comes to us from Amanda who stayed with Sandbridge Blue two weeks ago and sends this photo along of her nephew who proposed to his girlfriend while they were on vacation.   Amanda advises that indeed she said "Yes!"Congratulations to the happy couple.   We are pleased that we could be a small part of a big memory of their stay with Blue.Marry MeWeddings, and marriage proposals are popular on the beach.  We've heard of many that are over the top in terms of planning and execution in our years of providing accommodations.There was a proposal where the groom planted a message in a bottle with a rose and a note (good thing no one else found it first), and then there was the proposal written in the sand (have to be careful of the tide washing your work away on that one),  there was a plane pulling a banner with the question trailing behind (glad she didn't have to run to the rest room as it flew by), we also heard about the proposal where a ring was hidden inside of a shell, and even a treasure chest buried in the sand with one end sticking out (he had a friend bury the box, and stand watch over it until they came within sight).   The proposer asked his future bride what she thought it was as they tripped over it, and they un-buried it together.Our favorite way to say "will you marry me" however is the simple and heart felt way.  On bended knee.  There is just something romantic about the natural beauty of the water combined with the natural beauty of true love which is irresistible.We with this couple great happiness, and we look forward to serving then and Aunt Amanda again soon.All the best from the beach!
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