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Upgrades to Sandbridge Road on the way?

Council to consider upgrades

Virginia Beach councilwoman Barbara Henley announced over the weekend that she will request that Sandbridge Road be included in the city's Capital Improvement Program for the coming fiscal year, and that she "fully expects" the city will adopt the addition.

As chronicled here on Everything Sandbridge the winding road leading into our favorite beach has been the site of two major accidents in the last month, including 3 fatalities of young children on April 12.  The site of the accident that claimed the life of the children was also within 100 yards of a one vehicle accident last week when a tractor trailer overturned.
Sandbridge Road

The city council will meet tomorrow (Tuesday, May 6th) for its annual budget workshop and will vote on the proposal on May 13th.

In an article published in Sunday's Virginian Pilot Henley was quoted as asking the city to begin the preliminary design and permitting process for the last mile of Sandbridge Road, closest to the beach.  She said the goal is to work incrementally and eventually extend Nimmo Parkway to the only road that leads to Sandbridge.

"Doing it in phases, we think we can get something done quicker to address the existing problems." Henley was quoted as saying.

$600,000 is being requested for initial design and permitting for the mile of Sandbridge road closest to the ocean.  The initial phase does not include the 1600 block, where a crash occured in early April that claimed the life of a 29 year old man in a separate accident from the two accidents named above.

Opponents of the Nimmo Parkway extension have cited that Sandbridge Road ranked 44 out of 67 rural roads in terms of safety in the city.

All the best from the beach!

By Tim Cafferty, President, Sandbridge Blue Realty Services
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