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Top 7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Vacationing at Sandbridge Beach

stay in shapeExercising while on vacation is a simple way to keep up your healthy routines even if you indulge in a few vacation treats. Sandbridge Beach has plenty of fun options that get you up and moving in ways you might not have at home. Vacations are the perfect time to shake up your fitness routine and try something new. Here are our top seven favorite ways to stay in shape while vacationing at Sandbridge Beach.

Take a Hike

Whether you enjoy a leisurely stroll or a brisk walk that gets your heart pumping, Sandbridge Beach has plenty of beautiful nature trails. Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is an 8,000-acre refuge bordering the ocean and Back Bay. While you may hike at home, here you'll get the added bonus of gorgeous views, including sand dunes, forests, marshes, beaches, and ponds.Adjacent to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is False Cape State Park. This stunning barrier island has more than nine miles of hiking trails and six miles of beaches. Take your swimsuit; there's nothing better than a dip in the ocean after a long walk.

Rent a Bike

Several outfitters rent bikes in Sandbridge Beach. Ocean Rentals offers beach cruisers, fat-tire bikes, and mountain bikes. Beach cruisers are an ideal way to take in miles of shoreline while working your quads. Be sure to reapply sunscreen frequently and drink plenty of water. Fat-tire and mountain bikes are a flexible way to ride the trails at Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge and False Cape State Park because you can coast along or really pump it up for a challenging workout.

Go for a Run

Running the Sandpiper and Sandfiddler loops that border the beach lets you log some miles while enjoying the scenery. This loop covers seven miles of flat, scenic, oceanside terrain. Start at the top of Sandbridge Road where it meets Sandfiddler Road, head south, and turn around when you get to Little Island Park.If you plan to run on the beach, stick to wet sand. While a soft-sand run can give you a vigorous workout, it may make you more susceptible to shin splints — especially if you're running barefoot.

Hit the Beach

Whether you're looking forward to a little solitary sunrise yoga or an enthusiastic game of beach volleyball, the shore is the perfect place for fitness fun. For an alternative to Frisbee, locals bring a bucket of golf balls to the beach and create a version of the classic ski ball board in the sand. Dig five circles increasing in size from golf ball to grapefruit, stand back 10 feet, roll your golf ball and try to hit one of the holes. This combination of cornhole, ski ball, and golf is pleasurable exercise — you'll log plenty of steps chasing errant balls.

Learn to Surf

Surfing is excellent exercise. You'll get a cardio workout, plus strengthen your arms and shoulders while you paddle out and improve your balance by learning to stand up on the board. The best part of surfing is that it requires total concentration. By the time you've finished practicing, you'll be relaxed and will feel great. Pick up your board from Ocean Rentals and they'll recommend a size and shape for your level of experience.

Kayak or Paddleboard

Standup paddleboarding is a clever alternative to surfing. Using a large, buoyant surfboard and a long paddle, you will make your way through the waves while standing or kneeling on the board. When you're ready to catch a wave, just turn around and take your paddle out of the water. For an easy, peaceful experience, go past the breakers and travel parallel to the shore. You can also rent a single or double kayak and explore Back Bay or the shoreline from the water. Ocean Rentals offers kayaks and paddleboards by the day, and will deliver right to your rental house on Sandbridge Beach.

Take a Class

While you're recharging on vacation, why not take a class and try something totally new? The Princess Anne Community Recreation Center is only five miles from Sandbridge Beach. You can get a day pass for this 83,000-square-foot recreational facility that allows access to group fitness classes such as Zumba, Pilates, yoga, and more. Most classes take place in the morning, so you can get up and get moving. You'll also have access to the center's cardio and weightlifting equipment, an indoor pool with lap lanes, a diving board and an ADA lift, racquetball courts, and a sportwall.Whether you're taking a quiet solo stroll through a nature preserve or trying a spirited group fitness class at the community center, Sandbridge Beach has exciting ways to stay fit on vacation. Pack your tennis shoes and workout gear and you'll likely experience new adventures ... and go home in better shape than when you left.
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