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Top 7 Vacation Budget Tips for Sandbridge Beach - Updated

budget tips in sandbridgeIf you're looking for a beach vacation but think that it may be too expensive then consider staying at Sandbridge Beach! When you stay in Sandbridge you can have a relaxing, secluded vacation without breaking the bank. This may sound too good to be true, but we've provided 7 vacation budget tips to help you plan your next beach vacation!

Vacation Budget Tips

  1. Check For Specials and Discounts
One of the best money saving tips we can give any vacationer is to check for specials. The best benefit to staying in Sandbridge as opposed to Virginia Beach is the seclusion.  We all know the old saying "you get what you pay for" but in this case you can get the seclusion of Sandbridge for close to the same price as busy Virginia Beach. Our Specials page is constantly updated to reflect the most current discounts and specials.
  1. Make The Most of Your Rental
Your vacation rental should have everything you need to enjoy a budget-friendly vacation. All our properties include a full-sized kitchen and a grill. Since you will have a kitchen and grill you can save money by cooking rather than going out to eat. Most of our properties are equipped with some form of entertainment: pool table, foosball table, volleyball court, private pool, etc. Having this kind of entertainment is a fun, cheap way to enjoy your vacation while you're not on the beach.
  1. Rent Beach Equipment
I know what you're thinking, "why rent beach equipment when I'm trying to have a budget-friendly vacation?" Well the fact of the matter is you can rent kayaks, surfboards, boogie boards, and bicycles fairly cheap for the entire week.
  1. Visit Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Home to thousands of geese, ducks, swans, sea turtles, and other wildlife, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge offers eight miles of trails where visitors can explore the beauty of nature. For just a few dollars, you can purchase a day pass to take your family hiking or biking along the scenic trails, where you may spot a bald eagle or brown pelican.
  1. Spend A Day At Little Island Park
Located at the southern tip of Sandbridge Beach, Little Island Park offers plenty of activities for both children and adults. Play a pickup basketball game, let the smaller kids enjoy the playground, and bring a picnic basket to enjoy at one of the shaded shelters. In the afternoon, venture onto the beach for swimming and surfing, or just enjoy a stroll in the sunshine as you look for shells.
  1. Enjoy A Moonlight Walk On The Beach
There is nothing quite as lovely as the ocean in the moonlight. After a full day of activities, take the kids for a walk along the beach to appreciate the majesty of nature and see how different the ocean looks at night. You may be able to spot some unusual shells that have been left behind as the tide goes out. Not to mention the kids will have fun chasing the ghost crabs.
  1. Go Fishing On Little Island Fishing Pier
If you like to fish then make sure you head to Little Island Fishing Pier for a fun filled day of fishing. The pier offers some of the best fishing in the area without renting a boat. Bring your fishing gear and help your kids reel in their first flounder, whiting or mackerel. Be sure to pack a cooler to bring home your catch so you can enjoy an old-fashioned fish fry in your vacation home kitchen.A vacation at Sandbridge Beach will give your family the opportunity to create beautiful, relaxing beach memories that will last a lifetime. Make sure you implement these 7 vacation budget tips if you want the seclusion, peace, and beauty of Sandbridge without breaking the bank!
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