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Top 10 (Updated) Boredom Busters For Sandbridge Beach

Boredom can sometimes be inevitable, whether you go camping, skiing, or to the beach no matter where you decide to vacation. Here are some activities that are the warriors to fight that battle for you when you visit Sandbridge and Virginia Beach.  

Make A Splash with Some Cash

Sandbridge has a lot to offer your vacation from the land, whether it is going to play putt-putt, trying some new foods or just taking a walk on the boardwalk. But what about getting the most from the water. There's just something about taking a tour of a location from the water. With so many watersports and tours to choose from, it's hard to not take them all at least once. Some that come to mind are Kayak tours, Paddleboarding, dolphin tours, and even a Wildlife Tram tour!  

Kayak Tours

Boredom Busters kayak tour

Usually when you go kayaking there is only one path to really take, that's where Sandbridge stands out, there are 120 navigable miles of opportunities and the option of ocean kayaking or bay kayaking you can have hours of fun. With over 11 different kayak touring options, one even includes doing a kayak tour with dolphins there is fun waiting for everyone in your family. If kayaking is not your favorite many of these locations offer other activities that you can do, so don't feel like you are the outcast when others want to go and you don't, there is room and freedom for everyone when vacationing at Sandbridge Beach.


Sandbridge Beach offers a particularly special experience with choosing to go Paddleboarding because of the gentle waves and having a more sandy bottom. This allows almost anyone with little to no experience able to enjoy going Paddleboarding and taking a tour or just going for fun! Not only is it great for the ocean, but you have access to all the different canals and Back Bay Wildlife to choose from. Another appealing factor for paddleboarding is its quiet nature. You will have an easier time coming up on wildlife and not scare them away.

Now, this isn't a guarantee, but it does make viewing nature easier than some other tours you may decide to do. All in all, Paddleboarding is a fun and easy activity for even the most novice person to experience, so vacation at Sandbridge and see what all it has to offer to ward off boredom!

 Hike or Bike from Boredom  

hiking can fight boredom

Another great activity to get rid of those boredom blues is going for a hike or taking a bike ride off the beaten path. Sandbridge beach offers three different parks for these types of excursions, False Cape State Park, Back Bay Wildlife Refuge, and First Landing State Park. All these places offer a unique exposure for hiking and biking. The first park, False Cape State Park it offers 6 miles of beaches and even more with 9 miles for hiking or biking.

However, it is only accessible by said hiking or biking. On the plus side, if you are someone who likes to do both of those things and likes to camp, you can take the tram and check out the area for two hours or there are campsites available, and you can camp through the night on the grounds. On a spookier note, make sure to check out the old church and cemetery out in Wash Woods, the perfect location for some ghost stories during your trip!

The last location is First Landing State Park which is a 2,888-acre park that fronts the Chesapeake Bay, features 1.25 miles of beach and more than 19 miles of interpretative hiking trails through protected salt marsh habitat, freshwater ponds, beach, dunes, and more! This place is also a historic location in regard to the fact that on April 26, 1607, some 100 English settlers landed here and established the first elective government in English America before pushing up the James River to establish Jamestown. So no matter where you decide to hike or bike you have more miles and options to choose from than just one trip to Sandbridge.

Amusement Parks

Boredom Busters with amusement parks

After a few days being on the beach, you may want a break, or just something to change up the playing field, so close by you have 4, that's right 4 different amusement parks, some of which are just a little over an hour away. The first is Motor World, Motor World is a stop for the whole family, they have everything from a full-size go-kart track to even having an area for the little ones called "Kiddie City." There is more than just go-karts at Motor World, it is also home to amusement rides like a SkyCoaster, bumper boats, and even has shipwreck mini-golf!

The second choice is Ocean Breeze Water Park, a park that in 1974 began with three slides has not grown to over 30 options for fun. Not only does it have more slides than you know what to do with, but it also has a 1-million-gallon wave pool, quarter-mile tubing river, a pirate-themed playground for kids, and new for 2021 Operation Splashdown. A six-story family raft ride that will be sure to cool you off on those hot summer days!

Thirdly is a more well-known park, Bush Gardens located just over an hour in a half from Sandbridge is a plethora of roller coasters and rides to summer nights which is a late-night version of the fay times best rides! Attached to Busch Gardens is the last park on our list, Water Country USA. Water Country USA is Virginias largest water park and home to rides with twists, turns, and epic drops. Any one of these parks is sure to bring lasting memories and nothing but good times to you and your family! There is nowhere boredom can be when you visit one of these amusement parks!

 Go Fishing In their Home Field

Boredom Busters with fishing

One way to get that boredom away is to go offshore fishing. Typically, trips can last anywhere from 12 to 17 hours and, depending on who is chartering it, you need to make a reservation in advance. On these fishing trips, people can often see dolphins, birds, and other sea creatures while they make their way to their destination. You'll head out around 75 miles offshore, captains normally know where to find the schools of wahoo, yellowfin tuna, and mahi-mahi.

If you play your cards right you could be reeling in a 200 lb. tuna, that'll sure feed the family for a little bit! Don't worry if you catch something and you don't know how to fillet it. Most charter operators will clean your catch for you for a small fee. The only thing you'll have to do when you get back to your vacation rental is firing up the grill and get the seasonings ready!

Boogyin' on the Boardwalk

Just a few miles away is something that can keep you busy for days or even months if you wanted. The resort town on Virginia Beach is home to one of the area's top attractions the famous boardwalk. Along with it are tons of amazing restaurants with an array of casual eating to 5-star options. There are also games and rides for the whole family at the Fun Park on the boardwalk.  

One of the most underrated things you can do is hitting the Ferris Wheel just right and watching the sunset from the top and during those summer nights they routinely have nightly events. These events can range from movies, concerts to circus performers and more! How can let boredom win when there are circus performers as you walk down the beach!

The Adventure Park and Virginia Aquarium

The Virginia Aquarium is not like other aquariums in a lot of aspects. The aquarium has hundreds of different species being represented, thousands of mammals, fish, birds, and even reptiles. First opened in 1986 it has been one of the main sights to see in the Virginia area because they inspire conservation of the marine environment through education, research, and sustainable practices.

One of the largest factors that separate it from all other aquariums is the fact that in the same location is the biggest aerial treetop park known as The Adventure Park. If you have not heard of it, you'll be sure to know after exploring because it's the biggest forest climbing park in the nation! This Park has challenges and thrills for all ages with its 15 different trails, 21 zip lines with 6 different levels, and 200 challenge bridges! This massive 16-acre park will have you climb, walk, zip, skip and swing through 165 crossings.

Learn from masters on how to move about this park by spending a couple of hours watching how the otters play and the sharks swimming around you and finish it off by navigating the specially lighted trails as the sun is setting.

iFly Indoor Skydiving

Have you always wanted to free-fall or skydive but like being close to the ground at the same time? If you say yes or no to either of these questions going to the iFly Indoor Skydiving attraction is for you! All jokes aside, indoor skydiving is definitely something for the memory books. You don't need any experience of skydiving here. It's made possible through vertical wind tunnels that create a smooth column of air that simulates free falling.

All it takes is a small training session and you'll be ready to gear up and free fall. Each flight lasts roughly a minute, and it's something you can get the whole family involved for anyone who is three and up. All the fun of actually sky diving minus the plane. Who wouldn't want to try this once? Boredom cant win when you're floating in the sky!

Boredom Busters for Sandbridge Beach

Virginia Beach Hang Gliding

Get away from the water and dry off in the air when you take a trip hang-gliding. Boredom can't hang when seeing Sandbridge Beach with one of the most popular activities from the sky. It's almost impossible to describe. How in the world can you be bored when you feel like birds gliding through the air.  

Hang gliding offers ranges of heights from 2,000ft all the way up to a mile in the sky! Each flight has a breathtaking view of the Eastern Shore, Chesapeake Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and the Barrier Islands. Don't be stressed about your pilot. He's been hang gliding since he was 17 years old and earned a master hang glider pilot rating through the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (USHPA) as well as a private pilot certification.

Old Beach Farmers Markets

One of Virginia Beach's hidden gems is something that you normally wouldn't find in the middle of the resort area. Old Beach Farmers Market is a fresh outdoor marketplace that's just six blocks from the ocean and one block from the Virginia Beach Convention Center in the parking lot of Croc's19th Street Bistro.

With its prime location, you can even pop over to it during your beach day and get some fruit and snacks for the whole family and you know it's fresh and where it came from. Keep away from those pesticides and support locals when visiting OBFM.

If you ever feel that boredom bug creeping up on you just remember all the amazing things you just read about whether you do one of them, all of them or just staying cool in your Sandbridge Blue vacation rental they are sure to fill your time and fill your memories at Sandbridge Beach.

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