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Top 10 Tips for Road Trips with Kids

Whether it's a week long summer vacation or a family reunion, time at Sandbridge Beach is always looked forward to. The drive, however, can sometimes be trying especially if you have small children. When it comes to road trips with little ones, these 10 suggestions can reduce stress and make your travels much more fun.

1. Plan Ahead - Don't wait until the last minute to figure out how to entertain your kids. Search for ideas online, ask friends and compile a list you can pull from.

2. Don't Be in a Hurry - With kids, you're going to run late. It's pretty much a given. Allow plenty of time so your stress levels remain low.

3. Pack Lots of Wipes - You know you'll need them and wipes are so useful for tabletops, messes, washing hands and more.

4. Arm Yourself with a Selection of "Anywhere" Games - I Spy and the Alphabet Game are two long-standing favorites.

5. Give Kids a Camera - Buy cheap, disposable cameras and let your children go wild. They'll love documenting their trip.

6. Download Age-Appropriate Apps - There's an app for everything these days from those that simulate a cracked tablet/phone screen to really cute ones that entertain your children. Visit the App Store and search for children's games.

7. Let Them Help - From planning what to wear to deciding what Sandbridge Beach vacation rental you'll reserve, kids love to be involved.

8. Books, Books & More Books - Puzzle books, coloring books, children's books, sticker books... they are non-tech, quiet ways to entertain children.

9. Make a Map so Kids Can Follow Along - For kids who can read, print or draw a map of your route so they can keep track of where you are.

10. Make a Wish List - What fun activities are tops for your children? Have them create a wish list, then mark things off as you do them.

Taking the stress out of road trips with kids is easy when you use these 10 tips. You and your children will enjoy the journey to Sandbridge Beach as much as the destination.
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