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The Virginia Beach Burger Bucket List

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned burger andfries...except when it's a specialty burger from one of these awesome restaurantsin Virginia Beach. Of course, there's seafood galore at the beach, butsometimes you just want a burger! Here's a list of some truly delicious local optionsthat are a must try if you can appreciate a good burger. Read through thislist, try one or try them all and find your very own cheeseburger in paradise!

Repeal Bourbon & Burgers

Virginia Beach Burgers

Repeal takes pride in offering "a bourbon and burgerexperience". With local ingredients, grass fed beef (or turkey if that's moreyour style), and housemade kimchi, pickles and sauces, your taste buds are infor a treat with anything on the menu and their wide variety has something tosuit every palate. Here are few of their intoxicating burgers to try:

Wicked Pissah
If you're from the New England area, you know that with this name, it must begood. Sink your teeth into this delectable surf and turf combo of a grass-fedbeef patty, cheddar cheese, pan-fried lobster, lettuce, onion, tomato, and oldbay chips.

This burger is a peanut butter and jelly like you've never had. Throweverything you know about this classic sandwich out the window and keep an openmind with this twist. The PB&J burger features VA peanut butter, a kick ofsriracha jelly, and jalapeno candied bacon. If nothing else, this is one ofthose burgers you just have to try for the experience.

Where's The Beef
The name says it all. This vegetarian friendly option gives those who prefer aveggie option something to enjoy too. The patty is made of black bean and corn,topped with cucumber, avocado, pea sprouts and a delectable garlic aioli sauce.

Lager Heads

Virginia Beach Burgers

Gourmet burgers and local craft beers? Yes please! Whetheryou prefer to eat indoors our in the sunshine on the oceanfront, Lager Heads isa must stop on the boardwalk. If you're up for a great burger and a brew withfriends, this is the place to go.

3315 Atlantic Challenge
This challenge isn't for the faint at heart or anybody just looking for asmall bite to eat; this is the real deal. 3lb of 80/20 beef, 3 cheeses, 5condiments and all the toppings. This challenge is named after the address ofthe restaurant, but you also only have 33 minutes and 15 seconds to devour thewhole thing! Finish the whole meal in time and it's free!

Oishii Burger

Virginia Beach Burgers

This is a new player in the Virginia Beach burger game, but up and coming! For great service and food with an Asian fusion, Oishii Burger is the place to go. Their menu features flavorful, crispy, katsu, pork belly, cabbage, deep fried Katsu Burgers, yatai, and Donburi.

Oishii Kakuni Burger
Talk about savory. This grass bed beef katsu burger is deep fried toperfection. This sandwich topped off with crispy pork belly, shredded cabbage,pickles, red onions, tomato, katsu sauce, and Japanese Kewpie mayo call for aone of a kind dining experience.

Sumo Special
This is another burger option that takes some serious appetite to finish.This triple stack 100% grass fed beef burger is a meat lovers' dream with pork,chicken, and crispy pork belly. If you're feeling particularly adventurous, askfor it topped off with a crab cake! While the meat is the real star of the showwith the Sumo Special, there's still the yummy cabbage, pickles, onions,tomatoes, Katsu sauce and kewpie to savor.

Barrel 17

Virginia Beach Burgers

Did somebody say Wagyu? This ViBe District burger joint usesdelicious Wagyu beef for all of their burgers. Their sweet potato waffle fries,fried pimento cheese, and blackened tuna bites are the perfect additions totheir burger options.

Mexicali Burger
The name of this burger gives you a hint of what it entails, but it's notthe full story. The house chili, avocado spread, jalapenos, fried tortillastrips, pepperjack cheese, and green chili aoli combine to make a burger that'san awesome medley of spice and savor.

Barrel Burger Challenge
It wouldn't really be a bucket list of burgers if I didn't include all themeal challenges, would it? Tackle this Barrel Burger Challenge and you're trulythe champion. It includes three double bacon cheeseburgers, 1 aloha dog, 6chicken tenders, chili cheese fries, and of course, a tasty rootbeer float towash it all down with. Sounds simple enough, right?! Eat the whole thing inunder an hour and it's free!

Whether you do all the burger challenges or just looking for the perfect combination to satisfy your hunger for the day, one of these tasty options is sure to do the trick! Which of these will you try on your next Sandbridge Beach vacation?

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