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Memory Monday - Toes in the Sand 12/9/19

Greetings from the beach on this beautiful Monday. We hope you are enjoying your day wherever you are, and you have thoughts about Toes in the sand even though you may be wearing business shoes today.Its a State of MindWe were just thinking about the relaxing nature of being at the beach. It is

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Memory Monday 1/28/19 - Dog day

Greetings from a chilly, but beautiful Sandbridge Beach on this Monday morning. Crisp is the best work we can think of this morning when thinking of how to describe the day. The frost on the ground this morning looked like a fine layer of snow fell overnight. It was really beautiful. It was

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Sunrise: Memory Monday August 28, 2017.

Greetings from a cloudy and windy Sandbridge on this Monday.   You may have heard there is a Tropical Cyclone brewing off of Florida/Georgia that may work its way into our weather forecast as a Tropical Storm.   If it grows into a tropical storm it would be named "Irma."   All of the

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