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February Sunrise - Memory Monday 2/24/2020

Greetings from a sunny and cool Sandbridge where we are enjoying the sunny skies today, but also ready for the temperatures to rise to the summer season. Days like today make us understand that better days are ahead. It is hard to believe today is the last Monday in February!Sunrises don't take a...

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Memory Monday 7/8/19

Good Monday from Sandbridge! It looks to be another beautiful week here at the oceanfront with temperatures expected to be warm and skies clear and sunny.SunriseEvery great day starts with a super sunrise, and this week's Memory Monday photo submission provides us that. Thank you Kelly Fisher who...

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Memory Monday 6/24/19 Sunny side up

Greetings from a fantastic Monday here in Sandbridge. Simply put today is why people come to Sandbridge. The water temperature is good, the sun is shining and people are in great spirits today enjoying a beautiful summer. The day, of course, started with a perfect sunny sunrise.Sunny Side

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Sandbridge Sunrise - Memory Monday 8/20/18

Greetings from Sandbridge.   It looks to be a great day today with temperatures in the 80's.  Good beach weather with a small chance of a thunderstorm.   We just enjoyed a great sunrise earlier this morning and that brings us to this week's Memory Monday photo

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A Bradfield Vacation - Memory Monday 7/2/18

Greetings from a hot, humid, and wonderful Sandbridge!  If you don't like the weather we have in store this week, then you probably are not a candidate for a beach vacation.   Rain chances are low, sun exposure is high, and the water is inviting.   A great time to be on the

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Memory Monday 3/12/18 - Artful Monday

Greetings.  Are you still struggling to figure out Daylight Saving Time today like we are?  Wow....it was tough going to bed and hour early last night, and getting the kids to school on time this morning?  Forget about it!   The sun came up this morning however (one hour

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