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Create Your Own Scavenger Hunt in Sandbridge Beach

A woman geocaching. Women in woods find geocache container. Big ammo box with log book and some toys.You'll be amazed at what you can find in and around Sandbridge Beach, VA - from seashells of all shapes and sizes to flora and fauna galore.Why not organize a family scavenger hunt to see what you

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Searching for Sea Glass at Sandbridge Beach

Sea glass is a small, rounded pebble of glass made when a shard of broken glassware tumbles in the ocean for many years until the edges are smooth. Sea glass can come from broken bottles, tableware, or even glass from shipwrecks. Hunting for sea glass on the beach is a fun family activity on your

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Top 4 Beach Activities in the Winter

Typically when most think of going to the beach in Sandbridge they usually think of summer vacation, but there are many who prefer going to the beach in the off-season.  The off-season is less crowded and more peaceful.  But even those who come in the off-season usually only consider

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