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How To Keep Your Fitness Mojo Going While On Vacation - Updated

Everyone looks forward to a nice relaxing vacation. We work hard all year long and deserve a week or two of complete rest and relaxation. Often when we go on vacation diets and exercise go out the window. If you are normally disciplined with exercise you may be nervous to get out of your normal

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Top 7 Ways to Stay in Shape While Vacationing at Sandbridge Beach

Exercising while on vacation is a simple way to keep up your healthy routines even if you indulge in a few vacation treats. Sandbridge Beach has plenty of fun options that get you up and moving in ways you might not have at home. Vacations are the perfect time to shake up your fitness routine and

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How to Keep Your Fitness Mojo Going While on Vacation

In your normal environment, you've trained yourself to be diligent about your fitness routine. You work out religiously to stay toned, fit and in shape. However, if you're like most people, you're at high risk to suffer a collapse in this healthy habit you've formed

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