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Top 10 Things to Do in Sandbridge Beach, VA

Sandbridge Beach may be a hidden gem, removed fromthe hustle-bustle. But this secluded coastal paradise offers plenty to see anddo, including fun-filled attractions for your entire family. Here are just a fewoptions.Explore Back Bay National Wildlife RefugeLove unspoiled natural beauty? You'll be in...

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Dolphin Watching and Discovery in Virginia Beach, VA

Did you know that Sandbridge Beach, a community of Virginia Beach, is one of the nation's prime locales for watching dolphins at play?It's true. The shallow shoreline waters just offSandbridge Beach literally teem with dolphins, especially when the weather iswarmer. Visit the shore at sunrise or

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Lightning and Peace - Memory Monday 8/13/18

Good morning and thanks for coming back to our blog to check out Memory Monday.  Today is a beautiful day here in Sandbridge and we are looking forward to a great week at the beach.   We've had a lot of storms lately, but this morning is all peace and calm.How about you?  Are you...

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