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More Dog-Friendly Tips for Vacationing in Virginia Beach

If your dog is part of your family, it can feel like someone's missing when you vacation without her. At Sandbridge Beach, dogs are welcome in many rentals and restaurant patios, and on the beach, so there's no reason to leave your baby at home or in a kennel.Traveling with your dog takes a little

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Dog's Welcome - Memory Monday 4/30/18

Greetings from a fantastic Sandbridge beach on this Monday.   Fantastic because it is clear, bright, and the weather this week is supposed to be, well, Fantastic!   A definite welcome sight for us that were thinking Winter would never end.   It is cool and crisp morning...

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Memory Monday 2/26/18 Doggin it

Greetings from a very warm, but overcast Sandbridge beach on this last Monday in February.  We are so excited that Spring is just a few weeks away and the warm temperatures we have seen lately just whets our appetite for consistently warm weather.   We can't wait to be able to take

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Dog day - Memory Monday 2/19/18

Greetings from a gorgeous Sandbridge Beach on this Monday morning.   It is a great day to do just about anything, but most of all a great day to take it easy on the beach.   Some might call it a dog day.That is the theme of this week's Memory Monday photo contest. 

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Dog-Friendly Tips For Vacationing In Virginia Beach

Thinking about bringing your furry friend to Sandbridge? There are plenty of dog-friendly parks, restaurants, beaches, trails, and vacation rentals that welcome dogs. Here is a quick summary on what to keep in mind and where to go if you want to bring your K-9 on vacation to Virginia Beach with

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Winnie's Vacation: Memory Monday July 10, 2017.

Good Monday morning to you from Sandbridge Beach where it is beautiful today and has been for the last few weeks.  As long as you consider hot, sunny weather and a cool ocean to dip into beautiful then this is the place for you.   Speaking of hot and a cool dip we introduce you today to

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