Posted by Tim Cafferty

Surf Day - Memory Monday 6/29/20

Here's hoping you are having a great Monday just as we are here in Sandbridge. It is a hot day with beautiful surf which is why people come here right?

Right Tools For the Job

Include a beach towel, sunscreen, and of course stuff you can play in the water with. This week's Memory Monday photo comes to us from Sierra Gardner of Rocky Mount, Virginia who stayed with us at "Hala Kahiki" the week of May 30th. Sierra shares with us her surf equipment cleaned, and ready to go with a moment's notice when the waves called.

Let's Go Surfing!

Sierra not only had the surf boards at the ready, but if you look closely in the background there are the beach chairs ready to do their job as well. What a great day today to go to the beach.

Thank you Sierra for your photo memories. We look forward to serving you again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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