Posted by Tim Cafferty

Sun setting on August - Memory Monday 8/31/2020

Good morning on this last day of August of 2020. It is hard to believe, but just like this week's Memory Monday photo the sun is setting on another month this summer.

Back Bay Sunsets

are something to behold and that is what we have for you on this week's Memory Monday.

Special thanks goes to Nicole Kraus of Norristown, Pennsylvania who stayed with Sandbridge Blue recently at the vacation rental "Blue By You."

The end of a great day

This is such a beautiful and peaceful scene that we get to enjoy almost every day here in Sandbridge. The sunsets here are spectacular, and they are worth the trip - especially in September as temperatures begin to cool just a bit. Have you booked your September Sandbridge getaway yet?

Thanks to Nicole for sharing her photo memories. We look forward to serving your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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