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Spencer smile - Memory Monday 7/16/18

Good morning and thanks for stopping by our blog here at Sandbridge Blue.   We are in the midst of having a great summer at Sandbridge, and folks are having a fantastic time at the beach with great weather, refreshing ocean water, and lots of fun family activities to enjoy.  This week on our Memory Monday photo submission we provide you a picture we are calling "Spencer smile."We all love our kids, and indeed Sharon Spencer provided this shot of her little one, but we were really struck by this grin.   Makes us have a happy Monday!You can tell by the body language and happy outlook on that fact that he is ready for anything today - as long as it is fun!Family Fun is what we specialize in at Sandbridge Blue.  Every week we have approximately 70 families converge on Sandbridge to rent one of our vacation rental properties and unwind from their busy lives.   A week at the beach is great to recharge your batteries to better handle your work schedule, but it also is a great chance to capture moments like this where you just realize that your best job ever is to be called Mom or Dad.Thanks to Sharon Spencer for sending us this picture to remind us of that.We still have some limited availability for weeks between now and Labor Day for you to enjoy your own family getaway so consider doing that today.In the meantime we are going to take a walk on the beach and enjoy this fantastic weather we are enjoying on the coast!All the best from the beach.
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