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Smiling Down From Heaven - Memory Monday 1/17/2022

Greetings from Sandbridge on this Martin Luther King Monday. This week's Memory Monday photo really struck us as a sweet photo. We call it smiling down from heaven.

Family vacations at the beach

is a tradition for many that come to Sandbridge. That is the case for this week's photographed group as well. The shot comes to us from Maleka Pettyjohn of Georgetown, Delaware. Maleka and her family stayed with Blue at the vacation rental property "Starfish Inn." Maleka shared this great photo with us, and an even better story. We will let her take it from here.

"This was our first Christmas without our grandmother who passed away earlier this year. We decided to spend Christmas in Virginia Beach with each other in her honor. She loved family and always encouraged us to show love to one  another no matter what. This trip and this vacation home was Awesome and just what we needed!!!"

Smiling down from heaven
Grandma would be prout.

What a great photo! Thank you Maleka for sharing your photo memory with us. You made our day! We are certain your grandmother was smiling down from heaven during your stay with us.

We look forward to serving you all again soon!

All the best from the beach!

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