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Sandbridge Vacation Guide for the Empty Nester

empty nesters in SandbridgeBecoming an empty nester is a rite of passage in the lives of parents. While it may have its melancholy moments, many couples are thrilled at the additional freedom they have and look to head off into new adventures during this season. Without sports schedules, school projects or high school routines to hold you back, you're free to move at your own pace. The best way to celebrate? An empty nesters' vacation to Sandbridge Beach with your spouse and other couples.Think getaways to the beach only happen during spring and summer? Not at all! Fall is a fabulous time because school is in session, crowds are thinning out, the weather is cooler and interesting events are in full swing.What's more, escaping to Sandbridge Beach offers the unique opportunity to reunite with friends that you may have been too busy for when your children were at home. It's also a delightful way to rekindle the romance with your significant other and fall in love all over again.

Fall Shows Another Side of Coastal Life

Cuddling up with a loved one on the porch on a cool evening, sipping coffee with a friend while watching a glorious sunrise, or taking a brisk morning jog are all made better with the crisp fall weather. While the scorching sun can sometimes catapult Sandbridge Beach into triple-digit temperatures during the summer, autumn highs are typically mild and in the 60s and 70s.Many of our rentals include electric fireplaces to take the bite out of the cooler fall nights. Others offer fire pits. Bring your friends and gather 'round for a much-needed evening of life, laughter and fun. The distinct aroma of the fire, the coastal breeze and the soothing scent of saltwater combine to make fall nights on the ocean a one-of-a-kind experience.

A Peaceful and Uncrowded Atmosphere

As soon as kids head off to school, beaches become much less crowded and more accessible. Because you don't have to wait until summer to take vacations — you're free to take advantage of the off-season rental rates at Sandbridge Beach as well.

Relieve Stress and Stay Active With Outdoor Recreation

Tired of frantically keeping pace with your kids' schedules? Have you been forfeiting your exercise routine due to lack of time? Now's the time to rein in your life with a bit of stress relief and outdoor fun.One of the best features about Sandbridge Beach is the wide variety of outdoor recreation nearby. Whether you and your significant other are avid golfers or runners who enjoy new scenery, or you just like to get out and about, Virginia's versions of the Outer Banks offer plenty of options for empty nesters who want to stay active.
  • Several local golf courses designed by former PGA pros, including Arnold Palmer and Fred Couples, offer technically challenging courses with breathtaking scenery and 360° views of Virginia's beauty.
  • Local hiking routes, running trails, and tennis courts provide a change of pace for couples who like to stay active together.
  • Beaches and state parks are a great option for romantic picnics or relaxing strolls.
  • Read a book on the porch or at the beach while your better half brings you a tall, cool drink and an afternoon snack.
Are you an early riser who loves to watch the world come to life each morning? Do you prefer a long, deep sleep that brings you out of bed around noon? Whether you crave lots of activity or a leisurely pace during your day, Sandbridge Beach offers abundant choices.

Remember When?

There was a time — pre-children — when you did what you wanted to do, when you wanted to do it. Now that this level of freedom is returning to your life, take advantage of it! Choose vacation rental properties that include:
  • Hot Tubs — Ideal for one couple or three! With a chill in the air and warm water bubbling around the conversations and laughter can go on for hours.
  • Fireplaces — Enjoy an evening of cooking dinner at home, then playing cards with a roaring fire in the background.
  • Covered Porches — Always the perfect setting for connecting with friends and/or family.
For years you've put your family first, prioritizing their needs before your own, while your own schedule suffered. As you and your children move into a new, exciting phase of life, give yourself what you deserve: a much-needed vacation in Sandbridge Beach!
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