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Book Your Sandbridge Beach Summer Vacation Early for the Best Deals

Summer hasn't passed yet and the sand from your recent vacation is still in your shoes, but you might pause and consider next summer's vacation. Sandbridge Beach in Virginia is one of the most desirable destinations on the map, with scenic beauty, fun activities for all ages and tastes, good food, and fresh ocean air. But summer is many months away, so why start worrying now?

Save When You Book Your Vacation Early

One reason is saving money. In order to get renters scheduled as soon as possible, many properties are available at lower prices now. The closer you get to next summer, the higher the rates will be. Holidays and peak travel dates are the most desirable, of course. When you book your destination early, you'll be sure that your family can enjoy their Memorial Day cookout, Fourth of July fireworks, or Labor Day.

Get the Exact Property You Want

Fewer things are more frustrating than browsing the Sandbridge Blue website, finding a vacation rental that you fall in love with, then finding out it isn't available for the dates you need. Booking ahead of the rush is sort of like having open access to practically every property listed. Like the proverbial kid in a candy store, you can grab what you want without restraint!

Organize Your Trip With Less Hassle

The closer you get to the date of a trip, the more you have to deal with full schedules. You've probably had this conversation in the past: "Are you available May 4th?" "I am, but Amy isn't. How about June 10th?" "Justin is open, but Julie has something with her friends. We can all go July 13th. How about that? "When you plan (and then book) a vacation earlier than usual, you stand less of a chance of playing vacation ping-pong where you bat dates back and forth until you finally nail down a schedule that suits the entire crowd. Once you've decided to play it savvy and start thinking about your Sandbridge vacation now, you can benefit further by using some of these tips to help with the planning.

Working With Groups for Early Bookings

If you have a large group (multiple families or lots of friends), it may take a bit of organization to bring everything into place. Start by consulting with your group to decide the exact dates you want to go, what town/city you want to stay in, and how much you want to spend. Most important — get everyone to commit early. You'll need to compile and share information about the rental property, collect money from your group members, and send in the deposit. Make a list by gathering the answers to questions such as:
  • How many full bathrooms do we need?
  • What amenities are included?
  • What amenities does the group have to have?
  • What activities/sites are close by?
  • Does this property provide something for every group member?
  • What is available to do if there is a rainy day or two?
  • Are linens and dishes furnished?
  • Is it pet friendly?
  • Is there an extra fee for pets?
  • How about insurance? Are any fees refundable?
  • What if you have to cancel altogether?
Once you find the vacation rental you want, put down a deposit to secure your preferred dates.

Make Use of the Internet

You're not done yet, however. It's necessary to keep everyone up to date as the fun-filled date approaches. To speed things along (and make it easy on yourself), you might want to coordinate your trip online. Using a free site or app such as Plan Apple, you can connect everyone on the vacation list electronically. Have each family enter their contact info and travel plans. You can include local maps, how to order a fishing permit, info on restaurants and car rentals, and on businesses that offer watersports experiences. Later on, the site/app can store pictures and videos from family members —video from parasailing is especially cool! Using a site or app also gives you immediate access to all your booking info, security codes, property contacts, payment confirmations and other details right at your fingertips. Whether you need to send a cousin a copy of the receipt for the deposit or share driving directions to the house ... it all happens with just a few clicks. Once you discover the full benefits of booking summer vacations during fall, you'll likely never go back. Alleviating the stress and headache of coordinating people, schedules, properties and locations is almost like getting a second vacation! If you have questions or can't find exactly what you need on the Sandbridge Blue site, contact us for assistance. We'll be glad to help!
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