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Sandbridge Sunrise - Memory Monday 8/20/18

Greetings from Sandbridge.   It looks to be a great day today with temperatures in the 80's.  Good beach weather with a small chance of a thunderstorm.   We just enjoyed a great sunrise earlier this morning and that brings us to this week's Memory Monday photo submission.Roberty Filipiak of Newport News, Virginia stayed with Blue and one morning he was the first to be awake, and got this perfectly angled early morning shot of the sun coming up over the Atlantic Ocean to start another fabulous day at the beach.Sunrise at SandbridgeThere is absolutely nothing like getting up early in the morning before the sun rises and witnessing the earliest light coming over the ocean.   The fingers of light that Robert captured in this photo is breathtaking.There actually is a scientific name for this - Crepuscular rays  or fingers of light are a real thing.  We don't see it very often first thing in the morning, but it sure was captured in this sunrise.So today being the 20th of August is an important day.   Just two weeks from today will be Labor Day and the summer will be close to the end.   The good news for you is there is still time to make it away for a Sandbridge getaway.   We still have some limited availability next week, and also some openings for Labor Day week if you can find the time - we can find a place for you to escape to before the summer is over.We can't promise a sunrise like Robert presented in this week's Memory Monday,, but we can promise a relaxing environment for you to slow down and catch up on the important things in life like time with your family.We thank Robert for his photo submission and we look forward to serving his family (an your family) again soon.All the best from the beach!
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