Posted by Tim Cafferty

Sandbridge Solitude - Memory Monday 8/26/19

A happy Monday to you all from Sandbridge Beach. We are enjoying a great respite from the hot temperatures - wow has it been hot around here! We have even had a bit of solitude this past weekend.

Cooler Temps - Hot Vacations

This summer has been brutal in terms of temperatures. We are sure you have heard by now that July was the hottest month ever recorded. Sandbridge had temps in the 80's every day for the past 2 months, and many days the heat index raised into the 100's. Tough stuff, but it is also the reason you want to vacation here right?

Ahhh....peaceful and cool dip in the ocean


This picture really speaks to us as we see the quiet and calm Atlantic Ocean. But we also see the storm clouds in the distance which shows us the reaction to a very hot day. Storm clouds at night are a usual indication of a hot day on the beach.

This photo comes to us from Anna K. Mastrippolito who stayed with Sandbridge Blue the week of August 3rd in the vacation rental property "TennesSea." She says they had a wonderful family vacation and will be returning again soon.

We love this photo and am so glad that Anna and her family had such a great time staying with us.

Keep in mind that each week we post a new photo of a favorite vacation memory. Send your photos in from your stay with Sandbridge Blue. Each week we post a new photo and each month we choose a winner at random from the posted photos to receive a $100 discount on your next vacation with Sandbridge Blue. What is that a 1 in 4 chance at $100? Pretty good odds don't you think?

We appreciate the solitude picture Anna, and we look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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