Posted by Tim Cafferty

Sandbridge Olympics - Memory Monday 8/9/2021

Over the last two weeks we all have been seeing coverage of the Olympics from Tokoyo, Japan. Well this week's memory Monday gives you some insight into a great sporting event that was held here in Sandbridge.

Let the games begin!

This week's Memory Monday photo submission comes to us from Michele Eshleman of Chantilly, Virginia who stayed with Sandbridge Blue last month in the property "Aquatic Dreams."

Michele shared with us the fact there was an epic battle of sporting events that occurred on Sandbridge beach while they were here. We didn't even know that the "Guarin Olympics" took place on the beach.

Here's a photo of the entire crowd enjoying their time together in Sandbridge.

The champions

We look forward to next year's edition of the Sandbridge Olympics and hope to have better news coverage of the event.

Thank you Michele for sharing your unique photo with us. We hope everyone had a great time and will enjoy their medal winning performance.

All the best from the beach!

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