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Safe Travel Tips For Sandbridge Beach During Covid-19

Safe Travel Tips For Sandbridge Beach During Covid-19

These days, we all have to "social-distance." And what better spot for social distancing than Sandbridge Beach, VA? This serene, secluded retreat is far from the hustle-bustle. So, you can comply with COVID guidelines while enjoying a fun family getaway in a stunning seaside setting.

Simply follow a few precautions (mandated by the Commonwealth of Virginia) to protect yourself and others:

  • Wear a face covering - a mask or scarf - whenever you're in an indoor public place such as a store or restaurant. (You can remove the covering while you're eating and drinking, of course.)
  • Maintain 6 feet of social distance between yourself and other people, either indoors or outdoors. Obviously, you don't have to social-distance from other members of your traveling party. But you must keep apart from unrelated strangers and passersby.
  • Limit gatherings in your vacation rental to 10 people or fewer. This limit does not apply to family members, so, if you're planning a seaside family reunion, go for it!

Plus, be aware of statewide restrictions pertaining to public places, because they will directly affect you and your family:

  • Restaurants must operate at 50% capacity, with at least six feet between tables and bar seats.
  • All dining establishments must close nightly between 12 p.m. and 5 a.m. However, they can still offer takeout and delivery during those hours.
  • Bars and restaurants may not sell or serve alcoholic beverages on their premises after 10 p.m. each night, although they can still provide takeout and delivery after that time.

In a nutshell, that's what you - and Sandbridge businesses - can't do. Fortunately, there's still plenty you can do.

For one thing, you can go maskless outdoors, as long as you keep at least six feet away from people who aren't in your party. So, go ahead. Hit the beach. Breathe the bracing sea air. Soak up those solar rays, so rich in Vitamin D. Have a fabulous time with the fam... and let your everyday cares fade away.

The Ultimate Socially Distanced Beach

Unlike busy resort beaches, Sandbridge Beach rarely gets crowded. So, you can:

  • Relax in peace and privacy. Stake out your own secluded spot, spread your blanket, pop up your umbrella, and bask in the healing sun to your heart's content.
  • Search for seashells, sea glass, and driftwood. Stroll along the unspoiled shoreline and revel in the tangy salt spray as you look for beautiful shells and other seaside treasures.
  • Swim in balmy ocean waters where you won't end up rubbing elbows with half the population of Virginia.
  • Watch the little ones build their sandcastles at a good, safe distance from strangers.
  • Cast your line from the shore for your favorite gamefish. (You must have a Virginia fishing license, but that's easy to obtain online.) Or, if you prefer, fish from the public pier at Little Island Park, where you won't even need a license. (Your daily or weekly fee helps pay for the Pier's blanket license.)

Up for Even More Adventure?

Sandbridge Beach and nearby Back Bay provide endless opportunities for watersports, from surfing to snorkeling, paddle-boarding to parasailing, and more.

Rent equipment at local outposts like Surf & Adventure Company and Ocean Rentals, Ltd. Both are conveniently located on Sandbridge Road, and both offer watersports lessons, camps, and tours for all skill levels, beginner to expert.

Plus, check out Moneysworth Beach Equipment and Linen Rentals, also on Sandbridge Road, where you can rent everything from boogie boards and surf boards to kayaks and stand-up paddleboards at reasonable weekly rates.

All watersports vendors follow Virginia COVID-19 guidelines, including masking and social distancing, so you can feel safe using their services.

Escape to the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge

How would you like to get right up close to fascinating flora and fauna while safely social-distancing from just about everything else? Visit the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge (4005 Sandpiper Road), where you can wander at your leisure via well-maintained trails and boardwalks along freshwater marshes and ponds, amid dense maritime forest, over white-sand dunes and beachfront, and through protected impoundments for migrating waterfowl. Keep an eye out for geese, ducks, herons, pipers, turtles, and other coastal critters. Spot somebody wearing a mask? It's probably a raccoon!

For an even more private experience, bike, hike, or take the tram (by reservation only) to adjacent False Cape State Park, one of the last Atlantic coastal areas that's still totally undeveloped. Here you can hike or bike through miles of untouched scenic beauty, including six miles of utterly pristine beachfront.

How to Prep for Your COVID-Era Visit

As you're packing for your Sandbridge Beach getaway, be sure to include:

  • Plenty of disposable masks or other face coverings (scarves, bandanas)
  • Family-size hand sanitizer to keep in your vacation rental
  • Pocket-size hand sanitizer to stash in your backpack or beach bag
  • Disinfectant spray to spot-clean kitchen counters and other surfaces after use. (This is strictly optional. Most rental units provide household cleansers... but if you want to use your own to ensure extra cleanliness, feel free.)

Now You're All Set for a Safe, Socially Distanced Beach Trip

Load up the car, gather the family, and head off to Sandbridge Beach, VA. 

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