Posted by Tim Cafferty

Raise a shovel! Memory Monday 11/6/17

Good morning and greetings from another great weather day here at Sandbridge where we are expecting temperatures to raise into the upper 70's and the sun to be prominent again today.  Makes us wonder if it is actually November today, or is it really June.   Let's raise a sand shovel to a great day!That is the subject of our Memory Monday photo contest as we share a cute one with you today.  This young vacationer was down by the tide line enjoying the day recently and seems to be giving us a toast, or a shovel salute as he is enjoying the day with all of his might.Please note as well he is ready for anything with not only two buckets to fill, but also he has his "safety first" swimmies on as he enjoys his time by the water.Special thanks goes out today to Edwin Lute of North Canton, Ohio who not only shared the photo with us, but also tells us "Thanks to Blue for the vacation we really needed!"You are welcome Edwin, and we thank you for staying with us.  We look forward to serving you and our favorite digger very soon!All the best from the beach.
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