Posted by Tim Cafferty

Rainbow greeting - Memory Monday 4/25/2022

Good morning from Sandbridge. Another great day to be at the beach. Temps reached nearly 80 degrees yesterday, and we have more of the same in store for this coming week.

Inclement weather

is not in the forecast this week. Light winds, lots of sun, and temperatures in the 70's and 80's is predicted for the whole week. No chance of rain so no rainbow greeting in our future.

That is not the case for this week's Memory Monday photo submission. Sarah Willoughby of Virginia Beach who stayed with us recently at the vacation rental property "Ocean Star."

Sarah woke up one morning after an early morning rain shower and saw this.

rainbow greeting

You can be like Sarah and get your photo memory published here. We post a new photo each week. Then we randomly select a winning picture each month to get a $100 discount off of their next rental with Sandbridge Blue.

We are running low on photos so please send us some more of your memories!

All the best from the beach.

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