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Pizza night - Memory Monday 10/18/2021

Greetings from Sandbridge. Another fantastic day to be at the beach, and we are here to remind you once again of the great memories had with a Sandbridge vacation. This week we are calling our photo simply "Pizza night."

Family Time

is what a beach vacation is all about. Yes it is true that beach time, pool time, play time, jumping in the ocean time, and down time all have a place in a Sandbridge vacation. We like to think the best and happiest memories come about when you are relaxing with your family.

This week's photo memory comes to us from Anne Millett of West Springfield, Massachusetts who stayed with Sandbridge Blue just a couple of weeks ago in the vacation rental "Endless Playtime."

We don't have a lot of description about this photo, but we don't need it. You can just see the pure joy in the faces as they make a sheet pizza as a group.

Pizza night
More Cheese!

We are pretty sure this is going to be a cheese pizza, but it really doesn't matter. The fun of this experience was in making the pizza on pizza night!

Thank you Anne for sharing your photo memories. We look forward to serving you and your family again soon.

All the best from the beach!

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